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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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Cultivating Creative Thinkers in STEM

Follow along as ESD students pursue their passions in STEM.

ESD is supporting student exploration by intentionally creating the conditions for students to be curious, collaborate, and think dynamically. We have made significant progress aligning and supporting students’ acquisition of design thinking, computer science, and engineering in Pre-K through twelfth grade. As a result of enhanced programming and curriculum design, along with exceptional instruction, our students have been able to pursue their passions and interests in STEM to create notable projects and achieve their dreams. As these young leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and change-makers continue on this path, our community celebrates the exceptional skills and grit they have demonstrated at ESD and beyond. 

The spring edition of The Crest magazine highlights nine students pursuing their passions in STEM and the projects they have initiated. Here's a sneak peek of two of those students. 


Ava Loftus is making her mark in 2024, being the only girl in her class to advance to Post-AP Multivariable Calculus and Post-AP Computer Science. One of Ava’s recent projects entails working alongside her teammates to create a modified version of Conway’s Game of Life in Java to learn about inheritance. Conway’s is a simulation that evolves based on the initial state of the cells, following specific rules. The modifications to the original game, however, included adding numerous types of cells with different special properties. Ava implemented four unique types of cells: None Cell, Cancer Cell, Cure Cell, and Conway Cell, which can create numerous patterns that enhance Conway’s in every playthrough. 


“I have always been passionate about all things mathematical, and I am proud of my performance in each STEM class. This year alone, I am involved in Post-AP Computer Science, Post-AP Multivariate Calculus, AP Statistics, and AP Physics II. I love these subjects, as I feel the contents of each one are directly applicable to the real world and can legitimately be used to advance society. One of my favorite projects recently was participating in the AP Physics II boat race. Although I am more passionate about computer science than physics, this project stood out because it is an entirely unique ESD experience. No other DFW school can say they offer this activity, but most students still cannot accurately describe the hours that go into preparation. This project required a significant amount of time, from the boat race to the lab report following it. That said, watching our boat float across the quarry made every second worth it. I am grateful for the ESD STEM program because I know the experiences and opportunities it provides enhance my education in the most intriguing and fun ways possible.”



Harrison Adams is currently involved in Large Language Model research that focuses on mathematical word problems with the AI research platform Algoverse, wherein high school and college students conduct novel AI research under the virtual tutelage of world-class graduate researchers. Harrison is also one of 459 students worldwide to obtain a perfect AP Computer Science Principles (AP CSP) exam score, and he often mentors his peers in AP Computer Science to help them improve their exam scores. 


“I really appreciate the ability to have fast-tracked to AP Chemistry this year and AP CSP last year. Having a lab for robotics is something I enjoy very much; otherwise, I wouldn’t be spending every day here. We have great teachers, like Dr. Lena and formerly Mr. Augé, who take the time to work with us and expand our understanding past the expected. With more funding, we really could grow!”