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Athletics & Wellness

I am raw potential, just waiting to be discovered, nourished, and shared. - ESD Manifesto

The Episcopal School of Dallas Athletics Department supports the Mission and Founding Tenets of the school. We expect student-athletes and coaches to focus on character development, teamwork, commitment, hard work, and excellence within a balanced program of athletic offerings.

The Athletics Department teaches positive lessons of perseverance, sportsmanship, respect for one’s opponent, respect for the rules, and the ability to win and lose with grace. Emphasis changes at the different levels of our athletic program, with the importance placed on winning increasing every step of the way. That said, the most important measurements of the success of any of our athletic programs include students having a positive experience, developing skills and knowledge of the game, experiencing team unity, gaining a strong work ethic, and affirming a sense of pride. 

We proudly compete in the Southwest Preparatory League, USRowing regional and national events, and the Texas High School Lacrosse Leagues. Younger students in the Sports Fellowship participate in recreational leagues, including Town North YMCA and Moody Park Cities YMCA.

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14 members of the class of 2022 will play for their college

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