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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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Class of 2020 Collegiate Student-Athlete Celebration
Emma England
(Click image to play video.)
Congratulations to the following student-athletes for their incredible achievement!

Brodie Burke will play football for Southern Methodist University (SMU).

"I would like to thank my parents, coaches, and friends for their support and belief in me."

Ross Chazanow will play lacrosse for Binghamton University.

"I would like to thank my family first. My parents are the most supportive people in the world. I cannot thank them enough for sacrificing so much in order for me to play. I also want to thank my little brother Chase, who has been there right next to me on this ride. Lastly I want to thank Coach Sothoron for always pushing me to go the extra step. He taught me how to become a better player very quickly."

Caden Dundon will play lacrosse for the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (UNC).

"I want to thank my family, my coaches, and my friends."

Callaway Clark will play tennis for Southern Methodist University (SMU).

"I’d like to thank my parents and my coach Nick, as well as all of the coaches who helped some along the way."

Tori Greenberg will play lacrosse for High Point University.

"Thank you to my parents for pushing me and helping me get to where I am today. My lacrosse coach, Maggie Koch, who is also my club lacrosse coach, has made a life-long impact for me on the field and off the field. She has really helped me transform into the player I am today. Also my other coach Ali, thank you for teaching me new things everyday, and for enhancing my game on the defensive side of the field. My teammates, I wouldn’t be where I am without them, so thank you for your constant support."

Malcolm Herod will play lacrosse for Hampton University.

"I want to thank all of my coaches over my last 7 years at ESD for pushing me to realize my potential. And most importantly, I want to thank my parents for being the ultimate support system."

Alexander Konradi will row crew for Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

"I would like to thank Coach Adam Jones for helping me develop as a rower, Coach Jay Sothoron for helping me instill a good work ethic, Coach Paul Bugenhagen for taking a chance on me, and my parents for my genetics."

Jack Loftus will play lacrosse for the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (UNC).

"I would like to thank my family, my teammates, and my coaches for making me the player I am today."

Preston Morway will play football for Texas Christian University (TCU).

"I want to thank my parents for always being there and supporting me throughout the years. My teammates for all of the hard work that they put in so that we were successful on the field. All of my coaches for believing in me and putting me in the position that I am in now, and especially Coach Patterson for giving me this opportunity."

Wilson Murphree will play lacrosse for Bellarmine University.

"I would like to thank my family, all of my coaches who have taught me over the years, and my teammates for pushing me to reach my full potential."

Garrett Seymour will play football for Harvard University.

"I need to thank my mom, dad, sister, Coach Roney, Coach Wright, anyone involved with Eagle Football, Scott Bower, and D-Hawk."

Drew Wasserman will play lacrosse for The University of Utah.

"I want to thank my family and my coaches for always believing in me and pushing me to be my best. I want to thank my friends for always keeping my spirits up no matter what was going on in my life."

Henry Watson will play lacrosse for The Ohio State University.

"I would first like to thank God for helping me stay faith based throughout this process and making the right decision. I would also like to thank my family for supporting me, particularly my parents for letting this decision be my own. Mentors like Thomas Wood and Chris Hipps have aided me throughout the process, reminding me what is important and how to handle certain situations. Finally, I would like to thank Coach Kennedy and Coach Sothoron for helping me stay humble and reminding me that this is just one step in the process."

Sofia Weinstein will play golf for Hamilton College.

"I want to thank my parents for always supporting me no matter what. They encouraged me and taught me what it meant to be committed and passionate about the sport. I want to thank Coach Tollison and the support I have received from the ESD athletic program throughout high school. I would like to thank my swing coach Ronnie for always getting me back on track and encouraging me when I lacked motivation. Lastly, I want to thank my teachers for the great education they have given me that has gotten me to where I am today."

River Woods will play football for Wake Forest University.

"I would like to thank my mom and dad, and my brothers."