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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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Alum Family Creates Endowment to Advance Engineering and Computer Science Programs for Current and Future Students

In today’s rapidly changing technological world, Joy and Matt Coit believe a proficiency in engineering and computer science is no longer just an advantage but a necessity, a belief that precipitated their generous gift establishing The Coit Family Endowment. 

“Through this endowment, we are equipping students with the tools and knowledge to be at the forefront of innovation and problem solving,” said Matt Coit ‘90, ESD alum and current parent. “This is of particular importance to us because we believe that, through these disciplines, students not only acquire technical skills but also cultivate analytical thinking, creativity, and develop a drive for continuous learning. We’re investing in future innovators, creators, and leaders who will shape our world.” 

Research shows that investing in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) is of vital importance to remain competitive in all industries and drive innovation in the public and private sectors. ESD offers a robust array of integrated STEM coursework and concepts, beginning with students in first grade using familiar tools such as building blocks and tiles. As students develop, they face more complex challenges to solve real-world problems. Learning culminates in a combination of classical school work and collaborative project-based learning, such as designing a watercraft made from recycled materials in AP Physics II. 

“It all starts at ESD with a commitment to inspire the youngest minds,” said Denis Stokes, ESD’s Chief Advancement Officer. “The Coit Family Endowment is a gift which will benefit current and future students, but also has far greater implications. The critical thinking skills honed at ESD will lead to exploration in space, healthcare, agriculture, computers, manufacturing, and construction, just to name a few. ”

Matt attributes his time at ESD to shaping his values, aspirations, and understanding of the community. The Coits hope that their gift helps ESD remain a cornerstone of holistic development and academic rigor, a school that nurtures not only the intellect, but also the heart and spirit of every student.

“I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of an ESD education,” said Coit. “Now as a parent, I want to ensure that the school continues to offer the same exceptional opportunities to current and future generations of students. Making a gift to ESD is a way of giving back to an institution that has given me so much, and ensuring that all students benefit from the enduring legacy of excellence that defines the ESD experience.”