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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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Our Episcopal Identity

I am a soul open to searching. - ESD Manifesto

At ESD, we value the dignity of every human being as a child of God. We strive to live with honor, respect, and integrity for all as expressed in our Code of Conduct. We are committed to creating, maintaining, and nurturing a diverse, safe and inclusive environment as we prepare young women and men for lives of service, intellectual discovery, integrity, morality, and purpose.

What This Means to Us

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Thank you for your prayer request. This information will be confidential and sent to our chaplains. If you would like to be contacted, please include your contact information below.
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Experience Daily Chapel

We are delighted to be able to welcome family members of our ESD students to experience community worship together.

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December Virtue of the Month: Service

Jesus said: I have set you an example, that you also should do as I have done to you. (John 13.15)

We are committed to becoming servant-leaders who have compassion and mercy for others, which leads us to use our blessings to bless others and manage our resources to help those in need as faithful stewards of God's gifts to us. Associated with the values of stewardship, charity, generosity, compassion, kindness, mercy, and leadership.

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Meet Our Episcopal Identity Team

The Rev. Nate Bostian

The Rev. Nate Bostian

Stemmons Family Senior Chaplain
Toni Luc-Tayengo

Toni Luc-Tayengo

Amanda Muse Neuhoff Lower School Chaplain
Elizabeth Goatley

Elizabeth Goatley

Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Courtney Phelps

Courtney Phelps

Director of Community Service Learning
Matt Stroud

Matt Stroud

Middle School Chaplain