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Outdoor Education

I am a trail of crumbs for curious minds. - ESD Manifesto

Connecting with the Great Outdoors in Support of the School’s Mission

Outdoor education has been essential to The Episcopal School of Dallas since day one, 1974, when Father Swann, two teachers, and 11 students gathered around a campfire in Galveston. 

Today, the tradition continues as we offer a well-rounded Outdoor Education Program that engages all Kindergarten through grade 12 students in experiences beyond the classroom. We create opportunities for students to make connections with classroom learning experiences through place-based experiential learning opportunities. The Program supports the Mission of The Episcopal School of Dallas, supplements the curriculum at all grade levels. The experience is further enhanced through access to Wolf Run Ranch, ESD’s 112-acre Outdoor Education Center. The basic goals of all the trips are for students to learn about themselves, others, and the world around them, as well as to work together and care for each other.

110 Acre Outdoor Education Campus
11,195 feet climbed on colorado eighth grade trip
30 plus outdoor education excursion opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

About Wolf Run Ranch

Located just outside of Anna, Texas, Wolf Run provides a 112-acre environment for experiences of community. Nature trails, a lake, a low ropes course, two bunk houses, a lodge, an outdoor chapel, and a working ranch create unique opportunities for learning and self-growth for students grades one through twelve.

Outdoor Education in Action

A teacher points out a bird in the quarry to a lower school student.

From examining algae to discovering Quarry-dwelling species, our lower school friends of all ages visit the Quarry for an Outdoor Education experience.

The best part? There's no need to go far - it's right on campus!


To kick-off the year, our eighth-grade students head to Buena Vista, Colorado during the first week of school.

This annual trip honors the early days of ESD when, rather than start the school year on campus, Father Swann would take students down to Galveston for an Outdoor Education experience.

A middle schooler shows off a large fish he caught in the Quarry during Fishing Club.

Our students don't have to venture far to experience Outdoor Education. The Quarry holds a variety of fish species, including Blue Gill, Catfish, Largemouth Bass, and even Carp, available for our Middle School Fishing Club to catch and release.

The club is open to students of all experience levels. In addition to casting and catching, club members learn more about the art of fishing through discussion of topics like knots and nomenclature, facts about the fish, as well as proper care and techniques.

Two senior girls hold their candles up at the annual Senior Retreat at Wolf Run.

Before embarking on their last year at ESD, the senior class travels to Wolf Run Ranch for a Senior Retreat.

This retreat is a time-honored tradition at ESD, and has been in place for 30 years. It allows seniors and their teachers to set the tone for the upcoming year and discuss the legacy they want to leave as a class.

Meet Our Outdoor Education Team

Eddie Eason

Eddie Eason

Assistant Director of Outdoor Education and Employee & Alumni Engagement
Davis Felder '06

Davis Felder '06

Director of Outdoor Education
Laura Talbot

Laura Talbot

Lower School Science Teacher