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Daily Worship

I am faithful and passionate: transforming question marks into exclamation points. - ESD Manifesto

Chapel is at the center of our community life, where our lives of faith can grow and we can celebrate the many traditions involved with being an ESD student. Daily, common prayer and reflection on God’s abiding presence inform our spiritual journey.

Traditions Rooted in Faith

In honor of the Easter holiday, Middle and Upper School Holy Eucharist services have a special ceremony where students, faculty, and staff reenact the foot washing passages from John’s Gospel in the Bible.

In honor of Yom HaShoah, eighth graders have led a special service to remember the Holocaust for more than 17 years.

Students volunteer to be a part of the service, reading poems they wrote as part of their study of the event, singing special music, and lighting six candles in honor of the six million lives lost.

First-grade classes perform a nativity-themed musical for their friends and family in the Lower School Theater during the holiday season.

Their reenactment of this Biblical story includes singing, dancing, and a strong reminder of our Episcopal Identity.

The time-honored ESD tradition of Lessons and Carols has been a holiday staple since 1980.

This event brings together students in grades 5-12 to celebrate the season, with all members of the ESD community invited to attend.

I love seeing everyone every day in chapel. I'm going to miss that time where everyone in the community comes together.
- Member of the Class of 2019

Recent Homilies in Chapel

Daily Worship: April 7 - LS

Chaplain Heller discusses Jesus' Holy Week dinner with his disciples during today's Lower School virtual chapel talk.

Daily Worship: April 7 - MS/US

Chaplain Kennedy speaks on Matthew 21:1-11 during today's Middle and Upper School virtual chapel talk and discusses the importance of serving others, highlighting our recent PVSA recipients.

Daily Worship: April 6 - LS

Chaplain Heller and special guest Tolly Salz, Upper School ESD teacher, discuss the story of the Passover during today's Lower School virtual chapel talk.

Virtue of the Month

April Virtue of the Month: Truthfulness

Putting away falsehood, let us speak truth to our neighbours. Ephesians 4:25