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Character and Leadership Development

On my honor, I promise that I will not lie, steal, or cheat.
I will abide by, respect, and support this Honor Code as a member of The Episcopal School of Dallas. ESD Honor Code

At The Episcopal School of Dallas, we are committed to igniting lives of purpose and unlocking a child’s potential by introducing them to an even greater purpose. Through ESD’s Character and Leadership Development programming, we teach our students to care for themselves; respect and encourage their peers; and place the values of Honor, Respect, and Integrity into their daily practice.

Central to our students' character and leadership development and the pillars of Honor, Respect, and Integrity at ESD is the Honor Council. This council is an elected, representative body of students whose purpose is to sit in judgment of their peers in matters involving honor code violations. Learn more about the Honor Council and additional Character and Leadership Development opportunities below.

Students sign the Code of Conduct, committing to uphold ESD's principles of honor, respect, and integrity.

Above, students sign the Code of Conduct, committing to uphold ESD's principles of Honor, Respect, and Integrity.

Character and Leadership Development Programming

Each division also hosts a series of programs with age-appropriate opportunities to develop a child’s leadership skills and enhance their understanding of good character.

The Honor Council