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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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Character and Leadership Development

I am raw potential, just waiting to be discovered, nourished, and shared. - ESD Manifesto

At The Episcopal School of Dallas, we are committed to igniting lives of purpose and unlocking a child’s potential by introducing them to an even greater purpose. Through ESD’s Character and Leadership Development programming, we teach our students to care for themselves; respect and encourage their peers; and place the values of honor, respect, and integrity into their daily practice. Each division hosts a series of programs with age-appropriate opportunities to develop a child’s leadership skills and enhance their understanding of good character.


The ESD community is bound by honor, respect, and integrity. The Episcopal School of Dallas believes that everyone is created in the image of God. It is fitting then, that students, parents, faculty, and staff conduct themselves with honor, respect, and integrity in a manner consistent with the ideals of ESD’s Mission Statement and Principles of Honor, Respect, and Integrity. Collectively, we take pride in making a commitment to these higher ideals and hold each other accountable when we fall short.

Read the entire Code of Conduct here.


CORE is a Middle and Upper School program designed to support and enhance ESD's Founding Tenets, Mission Statement, Educational Goals, and Code of Conduct. CORE explores concepts of Honor, Respect, and Integrity as well as the virtues of the month in connection with with our diversity, community service, and curricular programs.


Daily chapel for all students and faculty is an enduring tradition that has been in place since the very first day of school in 1974. The spiritual identity of ESD is grounded in the Christian faith, expressed through the liturgy and tradition of the Episcopal church. We are an institution whose spiritual self-understanding is Christian, but also a place where students of all faiths are welcomed and respected. Every human being has value because God has created them in His own image.

There is a Virtue of the Month during the school year that includes Chapel talks on topics such as thankfulness, patience, respect, hope, courage, and more.

Please visit our Daily Chapel page to learn more about our program and Episcopal Identity.


The Episcopal School of Dallas community is committed to creating, maintaining, and nurturing a diverse and inclusive environment as it prepares young women and men for lives of intellectual discovery, integrity, and purpose. We believe that diversity in our school community enhances the quality of the education that ESD provides and is essential to the development of well-rounded people. The Episcopal School of Dallas values diversity in all its forms, including but not limited to ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic background.

Please visit our Diversity and Inclusion page to learn more.


The Elizabeth Anne Worsham Endowed Visiting Author Fund was created in 2004 by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph I. Worsham II, friends, and family in memory of Elizabeth Anne Worsham ’13. “Children who love to read become adults who love to read, a wonderful gift for a lifetime of enjoyment,” says Bonnie Tollefson, Lower School Librarian. “The annual Visiting Author Program supports that development, and we think of Elizabeth and her love of books and reading every day when we gather round her special rocking chair to read books aloud for story time. The chair features the scripture verse from Mark 10:14, ‘Let the little children come to me.’ It is depicted by an intricate carving of Jesus surrounded by children.”

Click here to see a full list of visiting authors.


Cum Laude Society
Latin Honors Society
International Thespian Society
Mu Alpha Theta
National Honor Society
Société Honoraire de Français
Spanish Honors Society


Started in 2002 by Robert H. Dedman, the annual lecture provides students with academic and practical experiences in leadership education to prepare them for lives of intellectual discovery, integrity, and purpose outside of ESD.