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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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Since ESD's founding in 1974, the Eagles have amassed 86 championships in both SPC and state competition. Additionally, 10 percent or more of recent graduating classes have committed to play collegiate athletics at schools including Harvard, Stanford, Dartmouth, University of Missouri, Cal Berkeley, University of Virginia, Loyola, Yale, Northwestern, USC, Davidson, the US Naval Academy, TCU, UCSB, and many more. 



SPC Div 2 Champs: 97

Men’s Basketball

SPC Div 1 Champs: 08, 09, 10
SPC Div 2 Champs: 86, 87 

Women’s Basketball

SPC Div 2 Champs: 85, 86

Women’s Crew

State Champs: 91, 93, 95, 97, 98, 99, 00, 03, 07, 14, 15
Regional Champs: 15

Men’s Crew

State Champs: 96, 97, 98, 99, 00, 03, 13, 14, 15
Stotesbury Cup Champion: 10
Regional Champs: 13, 15

Men’s Cross Country

SPC Champs: 86, 87

Field Hockey

SPC Div 2 Champs: 93, 10
Episcopal Cup Winner: 17 


SPC Small School Champs: 14
SPC Div 2 Champs: 06, 07

Women’s Golf

SPC Champs: 85 

Men’s Lacrosse

State Champ: 02, 03, 07, 14, 19 
SPC Champ: 08, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19

Women’s Lacrosse

State Champ: 17, 19 
SPC Champ: 17

Men’s Soccer

SPC Div 1 Champ: 99, 04, 10, 14, 15
SPC Div 2 Champ: 94, 95, 97, 00

Women’s Soccer

SPC Div 1 Champ years: 94, 96, 01, 02, 14, 15, 16, 17 
SPC Div 2 Champ years: 86, 91, 99, 05, 07


SPC Div 2 Champs: 96, 99

Men’s Tennis

SPC Div 2 Champs: 94, 95, 99, 00, 02, 05 

Women’s Tennis

SPC Div 2 Co-Champs: 98 
SPC Div 2 Champs: 99 
SPC Div 2 Champs: 02 

Women’s Volleyball

SPC Div 1 Champs: 07
SPC Div 2 Champs: 90


SPC Individual Championships:
2014: 1
2015: 1
2016: 1

Collegiate Athletes

Congratulations to the student-athletes taking their academic and athletic talents to the next level! 

For parents and students interested in the NCAA process, please click here.

Class of 2019

Jack Betts Amherst College Football
Adam Bland Hendrix College Baseball
Scott Bower University of Virginia Lacrosse
Jay Browne Stanford University Lacrosse
Keller Casey University of Oklahoma Basketball
Caroline Cheetham University of Southern California Lacrosse
Sriya Dodda Columbia University Crew
Elliott Duessel Colgate University Crew
Katelin Gildersleeve Stanford University Crew
Cameron Goldstein St. Edward's University Tennis
Caitlyn Henderson Cameron University Volleyball
Elizabeth Konradi Sewanne: The University of the South Basketball
Danny Kung Washington and Lee University Lacrosse
Lauren Marks Yale University Soccer
Bryce Miltenberger Hobart and William Smith Colleges Crew
Gianna Pope University of Cincinnati Lacrosse
Carson Raney The Ohio State University Lacrosse
Emma Viquez St. Edward's University Soccer
Anna Winkeler Arizona State University Lacrosse


Class of 2018

Wesley Banks Occidental College Football
Gillian Campbell Sewanee: The University of the South Soccer
Lily Charnes University of Oregon Lacrosse
Nick Greenberg Washington and Lee University Track and Field
Izzy Harrington University of Pennsylvania Crew
Matt Jones Villanova University Tennis
Antonio Lapeyrolerie Clark University Basketball
Kristen Leland University of Virginia Volleyball
Brandon Meaux Georgetown University Lacrosse
Braden Rhone Washington and Lee University Lacrosse
Sophie Saland Johns Hopkins University Tennis
Michelle Shen Wellesley College Tennis
Patrick Skalniak United States Naval Academy Lacrosse
Robert Tolbert Indiana University Football
Tyla Tolbert Arizona State University Soccer
Chase Toledo University of Utah Lacrosse

Class of 2017

Trey Bender Duke University              Lacrosse
Donny Carty Dartmouth University Football
Grant Hemingway Temple University Crew
Lauren Kim Yale University Fencing
Paxton Marks Ohio State University Lacrosse
Ellis Miller Colgate University Soccer
Nakeie Montgomery   Duke University Lacrosse
Charlotte North Duke University Lacrosse
Mark Reppe Baylor University Golf
Seth Washington University of Tennessee Football

Class of 2016

Adam Aronowitz Fairfield University Lacrosse
Nicole Curry University of Texas Soccer
Adan Garcia Valpariso University Soccer
Reese Gerber Rhodes College Football
MacKenzie Kelly            Bates University Soccer
David Kerrigan  Sewanee-University of the South       Lacrosse
Anna Konradi Washington University Basketball
Amanda Kung Brown University Lacrosse
Julius Stener Stanford University Crew

Class of 2015

Brock Anglin Columbia University Football
Karina Boyea University of Southern California Soccer
Josh Clardy Rhodes College Soccer
Kendall DeSantis Cornell University Crew
Thomas Fitts University of Southern California Football
Gordan Gehan Boston College Basketball
Gab Goncalves Amherst College Lacrosse
Winston Guillory Vanderbilt University Football
Liam Herrick Syracuse University Crew
Matthew Kelley Navarro College Baseball
Madison Pyle Southern Methodist University Track and Field
Abigail Rivera Trinity University Cross Country
Sam Romano Syracuse University Lacrosse
Briana Sessa Baylor University Equestrian
Grant Troutt University of California at Santa Barbara Basketball

Class of 2014

Jack Beare   Notre Dame Lacrosse
Grant Brown   Case Western Reserve University Tennis
Corey Henderson, Jr.   University of Tulsa Basketball
Foster Huggins   Loyola University Maryland Lacrosse
TJ Jackson   University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Football
Marshall Lefferts   Penn State Football
Richie Loftus   Dartmouth Lacrosse
Nigel Naulls   University of Texas at San Antonio Football
Elizabeth Patrick   Louisville Crew
CeCe Turner   Stanford Crew
Elise Waller   Wesleyan Soccer

Class of 2013

Christian Albright Abilene Christian University Basketball
Barrett Anigian U.S. Airforce Academy Lacrosse
Jack Blair Washington and Lee University Lacrosse
Lora Cox Clemson University Crew
Taylor Curtis-Wheeler University of Louisville Soccer
Sarah Ashley Firstenberg University of North Carolina Soccer
Christopher Khoury Dallas Baptist Golf
Blake Moore Amherst College Lacrosse
Erica Zhao Harvard University Fencing

Class of 2012

Bennett Beutel Skidmore College Lacrosse
Maria Granello Sewanee: The University of the South Equestrian
Andrew Leffler Trinity College Tennis
Kevin Leib St. Edward's University Soccer
Hunter Moore Colby College Lacrosse
Sara Myers Loyola Marymount University Volleyball
Grant Nichols Rollins College Lacrosse
Schaffer Ochstein Johns Hopkins University Track
Hannah Smith Stanford University Lacrosse
Wells Waller Wesleyan University Lacrosse
Madeleine Walton Syracuse University Lacrosse
Hayden Wilson Hofstra University Lacrosse

Class of 2011

Austin Boonyachai United States Marine Merchants Academy Crew
Chloe Carry University of Virginia Crew

James Collins

Grant Fitts

Loyola University, Maryland

Johns Hopkins University



Ted Guevel

Middlebury College Football and Lacrosse
Mandy Martin Dartmouth College Lacrosse
Grant Morrison University of North Carolina, Charlotte Soccer
Ryan Nelson Trinity College; Hartford, Conn. Crew
Philip Wagley Harvard University Lacrosse
Nate Cole Wofford College Baseball
Bryce Anglin Wofford College Baseball

Class of 2010

Adrienne Gehan University of California, Berkeley Volleyball
Trevor Fuller University of San Diego Basketball
Phil Pressey University of Missouri Basketball
Jack Vander Linden Georgetown University Baseball
Hal Hundley Washington & Lee University Football
Robert Luce University of Missouri Football
Amanda Murashige Williams College Track
Katherine Plumlee Emory College Soccer

Class of 2009

Basil Kostaras Quinnipiac University Lacrosse
Cody Solaja Hofstra University Lacrosse
Jeff Georgatos Harvard University Basketball
Marsha Durr Southern Nazarene University Basketball
Thomas Moore Sewanee: The University of the South Soccer and Lacrosse
Gregg Thumm Southwestern University Baseball

Class of 2008

Alex Hardt Denison Lacrosse
Alex Johnson Georgetown Baseball
Alexander Binnie Stanford Soccer
Bryan Leib University of Texas at Dallas Tennis
Christy Carry Davidson University Soccer
Colt Power Notre Dame Lacrosse
DJ Sprenger Bellarmine Lacrosse
Dylan O'Neal Southwestern College Basketball
Kate Imel Georgetown Crew
Lindsey Minton University of New Hampshire Ice Hockey
Parker Jamieson Air Force Academy Soccer
Ryan Hall Holy Cross Soccer
Tyler Funk Harvard University Track & Field

Class of 2007

Analise Gonzalez Kenyon College Field Hockey
Annie Matusewicz Brown University Volleyball
Aubrey Alleman Yale University Gymnastics
Brock Mansion University of California, Berkeley Football
Cait Pennington Temple University Crew
Carolyn Byrd Lehigh University Crew
Johnathan Reader Nazareth College Lacrosse
Kate Martin Vanderbilt Cross Country
Kendall Fishman Santa Clara University Crew
Lindsay Gehan University of Georgia Volleyball
Michael McManemin Iona College Baseball
Reese Wade Furman Baseball
Rhett Miller Dartmouth College Lacrosse
Tara Eckel University of Oklahoma Tennis

Class of 2006

Ali McCoy Illinois Weslyan University Track
Austin Jeter Lynchburg College Lacrosse
Caroline Baxter Samford University Soccer
Clark Ruppert Rhodes College Football
Cole Erickson Brown University Lacrosse
Davis Felder Hampton-Sydney College Lacrosse
Garrett Pin Pomona College Tennis
Jason Riggins Millsaps Baseball
Mary Shepherd University of Redlands Lacrosse
Max Paganini Purdue University Rugby
Ryan Hughes Hendrix College Volleyball

Class of 2005

Alie Fishman Princeton University Crew
Ben Wood Gettysburg College Lacrosse, Boxing
Britti Himelfarb Davidson College Field Hockey
Mollie Smith Baylor Soccer
Neth Wiedemann Ithaca College Lacrosse
Paige Pickett University of Michigan Field Hockey
Tom Duncan Virgina Military Institute Lacrosse
Willie Funk Emory College Basketball

Class of 2004

Anne Baxter Wake Forrest Soccer
Drew Ratner Northwestern Soccer
Gregory Clement Naval Academy Lacrosse
John Kircher West Point Academy Golf
Jonas Miller College of William & Mary Golf
Laura Brock Baylor Soccer
Laura Seacrest Washington & Lee University Field Hockey
Leanne Mertz Oregon Lacrosse
Maggie McManemin Iowa State Soccer
Sean McDonnough Furman Baseball
Steve Solaja Naval Academy Lacrosse

Class of 2003

Mark McCoy University of Texas Football
Matthew McCoy University of Texas Football
Seth Thomas DePauw University Tennis
Sara Jane Goodfellow University of Denver Lacrosse
Taylor Toombs Wake Forrest Soccer

Class of 2002

Barbara Babcock Brown University Field Hockey
Carlos Navarro Butler University Lacrosse
Drew Moor Furman/Indiana Univ. Soccer
Elizabeth Walsh TCU Soccer
Ian Miller Tulane Football
James Clement Goucher College Lacrosse
Lauren Siepiela TCU Soccer
Maren Miller Tulane University Soccer
Sarah Thomas Bowdoin Softball

Class of 2001

Allison Weed Vanderbilt Soccer
Andy Jenkins Union College Football
Brian Small SMU Football
Jamie Baldwin Indiana University Field Hockey
Josh Ratner Vanderbilt Soccer
Kathy Babcock Brown University Field Hockey
Lillian Allison Trinity University Soccer

Class of 2000

Alex Hicks Trinity College; Hartford, Conn. Crew
Carlyn Ray College of William & Mary Volleyball
Jamie Alexis Fowler Vassar Crew
Scott Hardenbergh University of Wisconsin Crew

Class of 1999

Alexis Small Southern Methodist University Soccer
Ryan Kneipper University of North Carolina Soccer
Taylor Hazelton University of Richmond Soccer

Class of 1997

Jill Buxton Stanford University Soccer
Brooke Sands University of Richmond Soccer
Cathy Dunnett University of Miami Crew
Teague Bodley Air Force Academy Golf

Class of 1995

Anne Wohlfeld   Brown University Crew

Class of 1994

Justin Bliffen   U.S. Naval Academy Boxing
Kris Stonaker   U.S. Naval Academy Crew

Class of 1993

Rachel Riemer   University of the South Field Hockey

Class of 1992

Jason Vinton   University of the South Cross Country
Thayer Williamson   Rollins College Cross Country

Class of 1990

Dorcy Siegel   University of Pennsylvania Gymnastics
Doug Dunsavage   Hampden-Sydney Basketball

Class of 1989

Lee Vendig   Millsaps College Baseball

Class of 1988

Chris Finley   Texas A&M Basketball
Jay Huller   Furman University Cross Country

Class of 1987

Brandy Barnes   University of North Carolina, Chapel Hil Soccer
Christine Lagow   Southern Methodist University Golf
Shawn Burke   University of New Mexico Cross Country

Class of 1986

Allison Laudermilk   University of the South Soccer

Class of 1985

Rob Lodge   Hampden-Sydney Golf

Class of 1983

Steve Black   Rollins Crew

Professional or National Team Athletes

Both ESD alumni and faculty & staff members have competed in sports at the professional level.

Learn more with the drop downs below.

Corey Henderson, Jr. '14

Henderson, Jr. played basketball for Wichita State from 2014-2015 and the University of Tulsa from 2016-2018. He then joined the Austin Spurs (G-League) for 2018-2019.

Corey Henderson, Sr.

Henderson, Sr. played for Texas A&M University from 1991-1995 and was on the 1992 All-Southwest Conference team. He then went on to play professionally in Perth, Australia.

Foster Huggins '14

Huggins played lacrosse for Loyola University Maryland from 2015-2018 where he was awarded First Team All-American, Patriot League Defensive Player of the Year, and First Team All-Patriot League (twice!). He now plays for the Whipsnakes of the Premier Lacrosse League.

Brock Mansion '07

Mansion played football for University of California, Berkeley where he was quarterback from 2008-2011. He then made the transition into baseball after he was drafted by the New York Yankees of MLB Draft, playing in their farm system after completing his football career.

Drew Moor '02

Moor played soccer at Furman University in 2002 and went on to play at Indiana University from 2003-2004, where he was a two-time National Champion. He was on the 2003 All-Big Ten Conference team and 2004 All-American team. In 2005, Moor was drafted by FC Dallas, where he played from 2005-2009, before moving on to play for the Colorado Rapids from 2009-2015 and Toronto FC from 2016 to present. He is a member of USMNT and a 2015 MLS All-Star. Moor also holds the league record for consecutive complete games by a non-goalkeeper with 68 total games.

Phil Pressey '10

Pressey played basketball for the University of Missouri from 2010-2013. He was on the 2012 All-Big 12 first team and 2013 All-SEC first team. He also led the Big 12 in assists and steals in 2012 and led the SEC in assists in 2013. After college, Pressey played basketball professionally for Boston Celtics from 2013-2015, the Philadelphia 76ers in 2015, Idaho Stampede (G-Leage) from 2015-2016, Phoenix Suns in 2016, the Santa Cruz Warriors (G-League) from 2016-2017, FC Barcelona (Spain) from 2017-2018, and is now playing for Besiktas (Turkey).

Susan Quill

Quill played soccer for the University of North Carolina from 1999-2001 and was a three-time National Champion and two-time Hermann Trophy Finalist. Following college, she played soccer for the San Diego Spirit. Quill is also a USWNT member.

David Tollison

Tollison played baseball for the University of Texas at Austin from 1988-1990 where he was 1990 All-American and All-Southwest Conference. He was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in 1990. Tollison then played baseball for St. Catharines Blue Jays (A), Dunedin Blue Jays (A), Knoxville (AA), Duluth-Superior Dukes (Ind), and the Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings (Ind).

School Records

Who is the winningest coach?

In a single varsity sport:

Laura Gomez, varsity volleyball, 353 wins as of November 3, 2018

Record previously held by Rusty Trenary, varsity girls soccer

In all games coached at ESD:

Mike Schneider, 502 wins as of November 3, 2018

Which team has the longest running winning streak?


The boys varsity lacrosse team has earned the SPC crown for six consecutive years: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. 


The girls soccer team won the SPC championship four years in a row: 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Who holds school records in track and field?

100m DASH

  • BOYS: Clarke Wilson, 10.96 (2013)
  • GIRLS: Ali McCoy, 12.18 (2005)

200m DASH

  • BOYS: Winston Guillory, 22.31 (2015)
  • GIRLS: Ali McCoy, 25.36 (2006)

400m DASH

  • BOYS: Jeff Thornton, 51.50 (1992)
  • GIRLS: Ali McCoy, 56.16 (2006)

800m RUN

  • BOYS: Schaffer Ochstein, 1:57.37 (2011)
  • GIRLS: Madison Pyle, 2:22.28 (2015)

1,600m RUN

  • BOYS: Schaffer Ochstein, 4:21.19 (2012)
  • GIRLS: Lili Clark, 5:14.08 (2015)

3,200m RUN

  • BOYS: Shawn Burke, 9:23.70 (1987)
  • GIRLS: Lili Clark, 11:21.43 (2014)

110m/100m HURDLES

  • BOYS: Jim Macari, 15.10 (1992)
  • GIRLS: Laney Holderby, 15.40 (1993)


  • BOYS: Jim Macari, 40.93 (1990)
  • GIRLS: Jill Buxton, 47.70 (1994)


  • BOYS: Daniel Hull, 6:46.44 (2012)
  • GIRLS: Abigail Rivera, 9:06.38 (2013)

4 x 100m RELAY

  • BOYS: C. Wilson, W. Guillory, T. Jackson, and C. Johnson, 44.08 (2013)
  • GIRLS: C. Roberson, L. Marks, K. Banks, and E. Miller, 50.19 (2016)

4 x 200m RELAY

  • GIRLS: S. Lane, L. Holderby, A. Fahrenbrook, and J. Buxton, 1:52.40 (1993)

4 x 400m RELAY

  • BOYS: M. Ornstein, C. Karns, A. Beane, and C. Wilson, 3:32.96 (2012)
  • GIRLS: A. Murashige, E. Hansell, E. Canon, and A. Pruitt, 4:05.48 (2009)

4 x 800m RELAY

  • BOYS: A. Beamon, I. Swift, A. McElya, and K. Swift, 8:25.14 (2016)
  • GIRLS: E. Blanc, T. Hrncir, J. Luscher, and Y. Ogunr, 10:15.00 (1999)


  • BOYS: T. Jackson, C. Wilson, J. Gonzalez, and K. Swift, 3:54.78 (2014)
  • GIRLS: S. Conine, C. Roberson, M. Pyle, and L. Clark, 4:25.70 (2014)


  • BOYS: J. Rooney, I. Swift, A. Beamon, and K. Swift, 11:56.60 (2014)
  • GIRLS: A. Rivera, C. Blaylock, M. Pyle, and L. Clark, 13:37.90 (2013)


  • BOYS: Tyler Funk, 6'5" (2008)
  • GIRLS: Amanda Fahrenbrook, 5'3" (1993)


  • BOYS: Will Bost, 22'.25" (2010)
  • GIRLS: Laney Holderby, 17'2" (1993)


  • BOYS: Caleb Williams, 44'3.25" (2014)
  • GIRLS: Jill Buxton, 33'4.5" (1993)


  • BOYS: David Moderi, 51'6" (1986)
  • GIRLS: Liz Toombs, 33'1" (1983)


  • BOYS: David Moderi, 149'8" (1986)
  • GIRLS: Liz Toombs, 119'10" (1983)


  • BOYS: Isaac Swift, 12'0" (2016)
  • GIRLS (tie): S. Conine (2012) and S. Nuth (2016), 7'6"


  • BOYS: Garrett Seymour, 104'0" (2017)