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We've found our students learn best when they are having fun and creating.

One of the key concepts of our Theatre program is for students to develop the ability to succeed with humility and to rebound from fallbacks with renewed determination. In order for this to happen, we create an environment of constructive, collaborative, and nurturing support.

We encourage all students to participate in the arts, and many of our seniors explore theatre productions with their classmates before graduation. 

Last year, Upper School students presented "Little Women."


Middle School students perform several dramas throughout the year, rehearsing with scripts and developing technical elements such as set, props, and costuming.

Sixth graders traveled to the wild, wild west in their western-themed drama.

Dramatic play takes many forms in the Lower School. Students explore costumes, props, and more with classmates in the theater. 


Middle School students are encouraged to audition for spring musical each year. Students have performed exciting adaptations of Cinderella, Into the Woods, and this year, Mary Poppins

The skills a student learns in theatre - collaboration, adaptability, creativity, and work ethic - are applicable and valuable whether a student pursues a career in the boardroom, the courtroom, or the theater. 
- Kristi Cardwell, MS Fine Arts Teacher

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