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Alumni Board

Would you like to connect with the Nominating and Governance Committee to learn more about serving on the ESD Alumni Board of Directors and be considered for a seat? Tap here to email Megan Boyd Schroeder '09. Thank you for your interest! 

Meet Your 2020-21 Alumni Board of Directors

Ryan Kneipper '99, President
Asia Hawkins '13, President Elect

Megan Allday '83 Jane Rozelle Humphrey '03 Kaki Miller '14
Lauren Chapman Bellemare '05 Wiley Hunsaker '12 Rhett Miller '07
Helen Brock Callan '07 Stuart King '03 Lauren Siepiela Podbury '02
Camie Carlock '09 Amy Levenson '85 Garrett Ratner '99
Taylor Conway '98 Mark Lanyon '93 Jamie Allen Sowa '94
OJ DeSouza '02 Kenneth Lindh '89 Lee Vendig '89
Mark Goode '02 Ward Maedgen '88 Reese Wade '07
Matt Himelfarb '98   Mills Weinmann '07