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Upper School

Our role as educators is to know, challenge, and love our students - in return, we can fairly ask them to work hard, build their character, and take care of each other.

- Henry Heil, Head of Upper School

The academic program of the Upper School represents a four-year college preparatory curriculum that provides broad training in the liberal arts and sciences and stresses independent thinking, writing, critical reading, discipline, and creativity. Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who provides guidance, counseling, and support.

We promote understanding through classroom experiences and real-world applications that involve students in the in-depth discovery and development of their talents, skills, and acquired knowledge.

Beyond the Classroom

Experiences You Don't Want To Miss


In science courses, students lead inquiry-based laboratory investigations that complement their classroom discussions. 


As part of their comprehensive study of French language, culture, and history, students enjoy spending time in the kitchen making traditional French soufflés with our SAGE staff. 


In Fine Arts courses, students have the opportunity to audition for roles in school plays and musicals such as Little Women. 


What if students could modify rocket fins for their physics project or utilize a laser cutter to aid in their in-depth independent study on microfluids or create a feature for their newest sculpture project using CAD?

They can ... in ESD's Fab Lab. 

Learn more about this new maker space here. 


At the beginning of each school year, students from the senior class are paired up with fifth graders for different events throughout the school year.

This fun tradition is a long-standing one at ESD that students look forward to every year and encourages Upper and Middle School engagement. The buddies participate in community service, themed days like Twin Day where they dress up in pair costumes, and more.

Hear from the Upper School

Introducing ESD's New Senior Chaplain

After a thorough nationwide search, we are pleased to announce that The Reverend Nate Bostian has agreed to become the next Senior Chaplain at The Episcopal School of Dallas.