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College Guidance

I strive to send my graduates to exceptional universities, but my ultimate destination for them is exceptional happiness. - ESD Manifesto

The Episcopal School of Dallas College Guidance Office maintains one of the smallest student-to-counselor ratios in the city which helps us present an individualized process tailored to the skills, interest, and needs of each of our students. Our philosophy as an office is simple:

  1. Encourage students to find and explore their strengths and passions

  2. Assist each student in researching colleges to assemble a manageable and realistic list of schools that will meet individual needs academically and extracurricularly

  3. Make this process as transparent as possible for students and parents 

  4. Start early and finish early in order to reduce stress and enjoy the final semesters of high school

460 Acceptances by the Class of 2021 to 140 Universities
12.3 Million Dollars in Merit Scholarship Offers for the Class of 2021
717 AP exams taken by the class of 2021
Over 25,000 internship hours worked through the WORX internship program

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Meet the College Guidance Team

Chris Gonzales

Chris Gonzales

Director of College Guidance, Eleventh and Twelfth Grade Advisor
Bonnie McCown

Bonnie McCown

Associate Director of College Guidance, Eleventh and Twelfth Grade Advisor
Elizabeth Clark '02

Elizabeth Clark '02

Associate Director of College Guidance, Ninth and Tenth Grade Advisor
Katherine Montgomery '10

Katherine Montgomery '10

College Guidance Coordinator, Ninth and Tenth Grade Advisor

A sampling of where our most recent graduates are continuing their academic careers: