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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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Mission and Manifesto

I am not just educating, not just mentoring, not just shepherding, not just inspiring. - ESD Manifesto

Our Mission Statement

The Episcopal School of Dallas prepares young men and women for lives of intellectual discovery, integrity, and purpose. The School develops the unique talent and potential in each student and embraces sound learning, discipline, and faith as essential elements of an educated conscience.

I am ­The Episcopal School of Dallas. And I am igniting lives of purpose.

I am a student:

A mind open to direction,

A heart open to others,

A soul open to searching.

I am as unique and as precious

As my desires, my needs, and my ideas.

I am raw potential,

Just waiting to be discovered,


And shared.

I am igniting lives of purpose.


I am a teacher:

A trusted guide of future leaders,

A gifted sculptor of future artists,

A generous planter of future sowers.

I am a trail of crumbs for curious minds,

A bellows for sparks of creativity.

I am faithful and passionate:

Transforming question marks into exclamation points,

Knowledge into wisdom,

Hesitation into conviction.


I am igniting lives of purpose.

I am a school – But so much more.

I am a family,

A sanctuary,

A catalyst.

My mission is lofty,

And my standards are extraordinary.

I appreciate the importance of exemplary test scores,

But my goal is exemplary lives.

I strive to send my graduates to exceptional universities,

But my ultimate destination for them is exceptional happiness.

I am not just educating,

Not just mentoring,

Not just shepherding,

Not just inspiring.

I am preparing lives that will go out from the classroom,

Reach out to the community,

And stand out in the world.

I am Th­e Episcopal School of Dallas.

And I am igniting lives of purpose.