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Notice of an Ascend Update

October 9, 2020

Dear Parents and Upper School Students,

Thank you for continuing to complete your daily Ascend screening.  As a reminder, this screening should be done PRIOR TO 8:00 a.m. each morning.  All students, regardless of whether they are doing on campus or virtual learning, are required to complete the daily screening.  Several middle and upper school virtual learners are not completing the daily screening, we need ALL students, virtual and in-person, to complete the screening each morning.  

Additionally, if you are a virtual learner, please answer the screening with the “I will be virtual/remote response” rather than “I will be absent due to policies/guidelines.” That answer marks you as being Absent rather than Virtual.  There seems to be some confusion about this choice.  Hopefully this explanation clears that up!   

Beginning today, Ascend is adding a new option to the screening: a Survey Certification.  Please read the notice from Ascend and see the graphic of what the new screen will look like. You will be asked to certify that your answers are correct and submit your results OR you may restart the survey.  If you feel you need to review your answers before submitting your survey, this is your opportunity to "recheck" your answers.  We often get calls from faculty or parents saying they got an "INELIGIBLE to come to campus reading stating "I answered the question wrong."  We have to wait for the symptom reports to see if we can clear the inaccurate submissions for the day or not.  Additionally, an ineligible reading is present for a minimum of three days which causes administrator or clinician intervention on a daily basis. 

  • Survey Certification – after completing surveys, users will be asked within the application to certify that their answers are correct. Users can then certify and submit results – OR – restart the survey. Our intention is to reduce the number of inaccurate submissions when taking the survey. This will reduce administrator or clinician intervention.


Let us know if you have any questions!

Best regards,

Carla Thomas, RN, and Marcia Biggs, RN
Your School Nurses and Ascend Administrators