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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

Episcopal School of Dallas

A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12


Seniors in the Class of 2019 are sharing some of their top learning experiences. No doubt, a difficult choice!

In 2018, seniors offered their favorite spots around campus.

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MyESD: Brenda Baez '19



I chose photography because it has always interested me. In the photography classroom, Mr. Fiala always had patience. He taught us every important aspect of our camera, and how to use many of the features, while I asked many questions and was confused at times. He judged my pictures in a kind way, even though I knew sometimes they weren’t very good. He allowed me to show my creative and unique side, and supported every crazy idea I could come up with to make a story show in an image.

Posted by Katie Voss on Thursday October 4, 2018
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MyESD: Adam Bland '19


When I’m in my sculpture class, I am allowed to let my creativity flow out into my work and create whatever I want. When I’m in the class I feel free of stress, outside distractions, and even school; allowing me to focus and feel every crack, edge, or pattern and just have fun with whatever I’m creating.

Posted by Julie A. Clardy on Thursday September 27, 2018
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MyESD: Patrick Phillips '19


AP Economics brought light to aspects of business and the global economy that I had not previously known much about. The class taught me how a business determines how many employees to hire and what a country's GDP is composed of. I chose this class because it truly changed my outlook on the world’s countries and businesses, and it’s something that I wish to pursue in the future.

Posted by Julie A. Clardy on Friday September 14, 2018
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MyESD: Elizabeth Konradi '19


In Lower School, art class was a period of the day which every kid could look forward to, especially me. Finding something that you're passionate about can sometimes be challenging at such a young age, but because there were so many aspects of Lower School Art, anyone could find an area of it that they sincerely enjoyed. Whether it was sculpting and painting a clay chalice or creating an animal out of numerous cut up pieces of construction paper, everyone left art with a huge smile.

Posted by Julie A. Clardy on Friday September 7, 2018
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MyESD: Ethan Nghiem '19


My favorite class during my time here at ESD was my World Cultures class. I’ll never forget the time when we learned about Buddhism. My father, who lives overseas, would call me everyday to educate me on Buddhist teachings and I would find them so fascinating. In class one day, I wrote in Vietnamese "if there is pleasure then there is suffer"in order to demonstrate to the class that Buddha said that there are two sides to everything and that to live is to suffer. It was so cool to be able to connect what he had been teaching me with what we were talking about in class.

Posted by Julie A. Clardy on Thursday August 30, 2018
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MyESD: Amelia Danklef '18


Place: Wolf Run Outdoor Education Center


Wolf Run acts as a place that I can get outside and escape the day-to-day routine of school, and just enjoy myself without the stresses of school looming over. There are so many things to do at Wolf Run, whether it’s hiking, rope climbing, or fishing that every student is destined to have a good time. It's a place that's so unique to ESD and it truly provides the best escape from the everyday stresses of high school.

Posted by on Tuesday April 24, 2018
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MyESD: Luke Crowe '18


Place: Stoffel Commons


With graduation coming up in about a month, every time I walk by the Stoffel Commons I can't help but imagine being up there in our graduation robes and caps. It's cool that a place we pass through almost every day on campus is where our ESD journey is going to end. It really comes full circle, graduating on campus. I know that I'll always be able to call ESD home and I like that graduation is representative of that.

Posted by on Friday April 20, 2018
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MyESD: Matt Jones '18


Place: Harrison Tennis Center


The tennis courts in the Harrison Tennis Center have been a constant place for me on campus throughout my ESD career since I started playing on them in the seventh grade. I have played many opponents on the courts and seen many different schools across the net. I've enjoyed every match I've played at ESD, and feel as though I've grown as both an athlete and a person on those courts.

Posted by on Friday April 13, 2018
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MyESD: Gracie Kaiser '18


Place: Spanish Classroom


My favorite place at ESD is most definitely Señora Milian’s Spanish room at the back of Senior Hall. Not only do I spend the most time there, but I also feel the safest there, both literally and figuratively. Señora Milian has taught us to feel comfortable speaking Spanish aloud, which has been one of my biggest struggles in Spanish, and there are even blankets in there for when the room gets cold. Señora Milian has played a huge role in my time at ESD. This is my second year having her as a Spanish teacher and second year of her being my advisor. My experience with both Spanish and her have been so impactful.

Posted by on Friday April 6, 2018
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MyESD: Ryan Franks '18


Place: Troutt Athletic Fields


The baseball diamond on the Troutt Athletic Fields is my favorite place on campus because I get to play a sport I love with my teammates. When I am on the baseball field, I feel as if it is my second home on the ESD campus. Since I'm a pitcher, I spend a lot of time on the mound in the middle of the field and I enjoy the challenge of pitching versus opposing hitters from the other teams.

Posted by on Friday March 23, 2018 at 11:49AM
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