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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

Episcopal School of Dallas

A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12


Seniors from the Class of 2018 share their favorite spots around campus. Check back each week for a new location!

Caitlyn Tong '18: Harkness Tables


Place: Harkness Tables

My favorite place in the school are the Harkness Tables. To me, they’re a symbol of discussion and community. I find that the round tables facilitate a more engaged experience because it becomes much easier to see each other, speak to each other, and see the materials that are in front of us when we’re at a round table. No one is pushed away or towards the back. Because Itinerary— ESD’s literary magazine— has such a subjective production process, it’s much easier to discuss options and make group decisions at the Harkness Tables. It also makes for a much less restricted, more friendly atmosphere, which keeps us comfortable.

Posted by englande on Friday February 9
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Ben Taber '18: Senior Courtyard


Place: Senior Courtyard

As a senior, you get a lot of privileges like access to Senior Hall and off-campus lunch, but my favorite is the use of the Senior Courtyard. I just love getting to go outside with my friends in between classes and hang out. I've even beat Mr. Oglesby in cornhole a few times. Since we're inside during classes, it's great being able to get some fresh air and chill out there.

Posted by englande on Friday February 2 at 04:22PM
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Stefanie Melgar '18: Ceramics Room


Place: Ceramics Room

My favorite place at ESD is the Ceramics Room! I have been in ceramics classes since my freshman year and I cannot imagine high school without them. Being in ceramics allows me to use my imagination to turn my ideas into palpable objects. In addition to being a place where I can develop my pottery skills and creativity, ceramics class is a nice break from my required core classes where I have the space to dream and create freely.

Posted by englande on Friday January 26 at 04:04PM
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MyESD: Jack Beck '18

Place: The Scene Shop

The Scene Shop at ESD is definitely my favorite place on campus. I have been in tech theater since my sophomore year and it has been one of my favorite classes during my time here at ESD. Whether we're just organizing the shop or building sets for the upcoming performances, I always have a great time. It's a great place to go and simply relieve some stress and forget about the worries of school.

Posted by Emma England on Friday January 26 at 01:54PM
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MyESD: Emma White '18

Place: Gill Library

My favorite place at ESD is the Gill Library, because it has become homey and comfortable to me after all the years I’ve spent in there studying. I also love the fact that it looks out on the Quarry, which is really beautiful and relaxing. The view is great for defusing the stress of school.

Posted by Emma England on Friday January 12
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MyESD: Wesley Banks '18


Place: Choir Room

Wesley Banks '18, like a lot of our seniors, juggles many extracurricular activities like football and student vestry, but truly values the time he spends in the choir room.

"It gives me the opportunity to escape all of my other work during the day and do something I love, which is singing." 

Posted by Julie A. Clardy on Thursday December 7, 2017
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MyESD: Mary Crow Miller '18

Place: The Field at Gene and Jerry Jones Family Stadium

The ESD cheer program has been so influential for me, and the feeling of being on the fifty yard line, cheering on the Eagles, is always so rewarding and exciting. As the stage for the halftime show, the field is the focal point for everyone to see. We work so hard to perfect our routines, and when we perform in front of the whole school, it just makes us better as a team. Whether it's through stunting or dancing, I always try my hardest to better myself. Standing at the top of the numbers at the beginning of our routines will always be one of my favorite memories of high school, and I will always be grateful for ESD cheer and what we’ve done.

Posted by englande on Friday December 1, 2017
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MyESD: Antonio Lapeyrolerie '18

Place: Competition Gym

Since I came to ESD my junior year, I've been playing basketball. And I’ve played basketball in all the ESD gyms but what I like about the Competition Gym, specifically, is the smallness of it. It’s not necessarily a small gym, but it’s small enough to where it can still get really loud. I’ve always enjoyed playing in there when there’s a lot of people packed in there-- in the bleachers, up top looped around the indoor track—it feels more like a stadium.

Posted by englande on Friday November 10, 2017
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MyESD: Emma Cabrales '18


Place: Study Commons

My favorite place at ESD is the Study Commons. Since I'm a senior and we now have Senior Hall, the only time I’m really in the Study Commons is during passing periods, but that’s why I love it. Everyone is walking to their next class and you get to see and say hi to all the people you don't have classes with or are in the same grade with, and sometimes the Study Commons is the only place you get to see them! It feels like the heart of the school, and I feel the sense of community just walking through it.

Posted by Emma England on Friday November 3, 2017 at 03:06PM
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MyESD: Patrick Duffner '18


Place: AP Science Lab



Our AP Science courses are not just about the words in a textbook. In our state-of-the-art science labs I get to do the hands-on work to get behind and uncover the concept and theories we're learning in our curriculum. ESD believes that bringing outside science experts into the classrooms and labs can demonstrate more than any textbook, and I totally agree. My science teachers have encouraged me to think and work outside of the box, continually pushing to take a science concept or theory further which I think will really benefit me in the long run.

Posted by englande on Friday October 27, 2017 at 02:24PM
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