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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

THE ESD EXPERIENCE: Student Ambassadors

This blog is written by our students. We think they are top notch! Here they share the ESD Experience in their own words.


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Does a Coke Float Really Float?

Student Author: ESD Primer Students

Yesterday, Primer students celebrated their 50th day of school with a 50's themed day!

"We are doing a science experiment to see if the ice cream in a coke float stays on top or sinks to the bottom!"
"We made predictions first, next we will do the experiment!"
"We also had a hula hoop contest and we are graphing the results."
"We made cars and we get to go to a drive in movie, in our classroom!"

Posted by in Lower School on Wednesday November 9, 2016
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First Grade Owl Pellet Dissection

Student Author: ESD First Graders

"We think it is so interesting that we found seeds in the owl pellets when we know, owls don't eat seeds."
"We think that the owl ate something that eats seeds!"
"Our goal was to get all the bones that we found out of the pellets."
"Next time we go science lab, we will try to put the bones together to figure out what the owls ate."

Posted by in Lower School on Monday November 7, 2016
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Day of the Dead Celebrations

Student Authors: ESD Primer Students

Today, Lower School students celebrated Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. There was even a mariachi band during lunch!

"On Halloween, we put out scary jack o lanterns to scare away the spooky spirits, but on Dia de los Muertos, we welcome the happy spirits into our home!"

Posted by in Lower School on Wednesday November 2, 2016 at 02:33PM
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Monarch Butterfly Study

Student Authors: ESD First Graders
First graders have been studying monarch butterflies this past month.  12 butterflies were released from the Butterfly Gardens to migrate to Mexico and the students sang a goodbye song.

"We learned in winter, monarachs migrate to Mexico."
"You can tag a monarch by holding it very gently and putting numbers on it. Then, you can see where it flys!"
"Monarch butterflies have very soft wings."
"They lay tiny eggs in milkweed."
"My favorite part of the study was ging to the Discovery Gardens on our field trip." 

Posted by in Lower School on Thursday October 27, 2016 at 10:02AM
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4th Grade Pumpkin Contest

Student Authors: ESD First Graders 

"My favorite is the Poke Ball because it has Pikachu and I like him."

"My favorite is the carraige because it is blue and sparkly."

"My favorite is the Root Beer because I love Root Beer!"

"My favorite is the Poke Ball, R2-D2, the spider web and actually my favortite is all of them!"



Posted by in Lower School on Tuesday October 25, 2016
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Primer Costume Drive

Student Author: ESD Primer Student

We collected adult and children's costumes for one week at the Lower School.  Students made collection boxes and posters, and we went around the school each morning to collect donations.  We will now sort them and deliver to Family Gateway on October 26th.  Family Gateway is a homeless shelter that supports families as they work toward a stable living situation and is located downtown Dallas. When we deliver the costumes, we will also be decorating their community room for their Halloween party.  The kids have been making decorations in art class for the last few weeks. Primer students collected 341 costumes!

"Everyday, we get LOADS of costumes from ESD families. I am really glad we can spread the costumes out an give them to lots of children." -Primer Student

Posted by in Lower School on Tuesday October 18, 2016
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4th Grade Tour Guides

Student Authors: ESD Fourth Graders

"I am so excited to show parents around our school and to tell them why ESD is such a special place and a great school!"

"I'm looking forward to giving tours and going into my old classrooms and seeing all my teachers!"

Posted by in Lower School on Monday October 17, 2016
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Blessing of the Pets

Student Authors: ESD Third Graders

"Today, we got our dogs blessed.  I have a chocolate lab named Ziggy who is the cousin of my friend Stella's dog, Trigger.  Father Towers said a blessing for Ziggy because it is St. Francis Day and I hope that the blessing will make my dog not chew up my shoes every time it catches his eye."  
"In carpool this morning, Father Towers blessed our dog Molly and gave her a charm with St. Francis on it because today is his feast day and he is the patron saint of animals!" 
Posted by in Lower School on Tuesday October 4, 2016 at 03:34PM
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4th Grade Ambassador

Student Author: Cheney Mathes '25

I was so excited to be named a 4th grade tour guide.  I love being part of a team because ESD is like a team!


Posted by in Lower School on Friday September 30, 2016
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International Dot Day

Student Author: ESD First Graders

The Lower School celebrated International Dot Day. After reading The Dot by Peter Reynolds, we learned we are all called to make our mark!  First grade students are inspired by George Seurat and his pointillism technique as they create monarch butterflies! 

"Dot Day means that you wear something with dots on it to school and we do lots of fun projects that all start with a dot."  "Starting with a dot, you can create anything!"  - First Grade students

Posted by in Lower School on Monday September 19, 2016
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