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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12


Posted 09/27/2018 04:00PM
Chris Gates, founder of MainSprings, visited ESD to discuss our sister school and how to maintain our partnership.


Last week, Chris Gates, MainSprings founder and head of our sister school in Tanzania, visited ESD's campus and met with both Middle and Upper School students. MainSprings is the organization that developed and now runs both our sister school and the girls' home on the school's campus in Kitongo, Tanzania. Unlike many traditional schools in Tanzania, the Joseph and Mary Schools focus on the development of each student as a whole in addition to the traditional academic subjects.

ESD's relationship with Mainsprings began several years ago when our Middle School World Affairs Club and Middle School science students began a Pen Pal program with the Joseph and Mary students. This letter exchange eventually turned into a more formal partnership, officially making the Joseph and Mary School and ESD sister schools.

Last summer, 10 ESD faculty and staff members traveled to Kitongo to further cultivate the relationship between the schools, sharing professional learning experiences with the schools' faculty. Chris traveled to campus to meet with teachers and students alike to spread awareness of this partnership and continue to grow the collaborative projects already in place. During his presentation, students learned more about the school and its students and were urged to think of ways to support this global citizenship. Several faculty members also spoke about their favorite parts of the trip, discussing the differences in technology and the various programs they've implemented thus far. They have also scheduled a Skype exchange next week to discuss their new permaculture project.

ESD is proud to partner with Joseph and Mary in Kitongo and looks forward to the shared learning experiences ahead. To learn more about the Joseph and Mary School, visit the Mainsprings website or the ESD website.

Posted 08/15/2018 06:00PM
For the second year in a row, ESD's faculty and staff volunteered at Children's Hunger Fund in honor of the community and ESD's Founding Tenet of Service.


As a community, The Episcopal School of Dallas promises to actualize the advancement of the common good through acts of mercy and renewal here and within the larger community. ESD's Founding Tenet of Service proclaims that Daily worship, experiences in community, and studies in ethical decision making prepare members of this community for service to others, the highest manifestation of God's presence in our lives.

For the second year in a row, nearly all of ESD's faculty and staff came together to honor the Founding Tenet of Service by volunteering together at the Children's Hunger Fund (CHF). CHF offers care to young people who are food insecure. On Wednesday morning, ESD's faculty and staff helped prepare more than 1,000 backpacks, 600 Food Paks, and 3,200 pounds of food for delivery to local organizations. 

"Gathering to serve as one at the beginning of the year sets a positive tone, not only for each teacher and staff member but also for this entire community," said Director of Community Service Learning Courtney Phelps. "We are keeping our promise to our community and to God. It's a return on His investment."

The team at CHF shared photos and testimonials of how ESD's faculty and staff service a year ago helped to replenish community gardens in Houston following Hurricane Harvey. 

"Seeing our faith in action is always a blessing. We pray that our gifts continue to bless those in need," said Phelps.

Posted 04/06/2018 03:00PM
Earlier this week during a Special Programming Day, seniors and their fifth-grade buddies united for an off-campus philanthropy event for the first time.


Earlier this week during a Special Programming Day, seniors and their fifth-grade buddies united for an off-campus philanthropy event for the first time.

The students spent weeks gathering items for food packs, before traveling together to Children's Hunger Fund on Wednesday. Once they arrived, each senior and their respective buddy got to work organizing and separating the food packs.

"Doing the community service with our buddies was a different experience because we were able to spend the time talking and learning more about each other while still helping people at the same time," said Leta Flores '18. "I loved being able to spend more time with my buddy and helping them with the service as well!" 

We love seeing students of all ages bonding while serving others. Thank you for your dedication to service, Eagles. 

Pictured to the right are Leta, William Cooper '18, and their fifth-grade buddies working hard at Children's Hunger Fund.

Posted 02/13/2018 10:00AM
This afternoon, 140 freshmen and sophomores were honored with the President's Volunteer Service Award.


This afternoon, 140 freshmen and sophomores were honored with the President's Volunteer Service Award during a special ceremony, joining their junior and senior counterparts who were honored last week. Those receiving the award today completed at least 100 community service hours this year. 

In alignment with ESD's Founding Tenet of Service, these students dedicated their time and energy to serving others in our community and beyond. Please see below for a list of the students who achieved this award. Congratulations, Eagles.


Class of 2020: Kerrm Ahsan, Virginia Baker, Lily Baughman, Cambridge Bender, Alan Benitez, Sameer Bhasin, William Blair, Catherine Blaylock, Abby Brand, Parker Brennan, Cameron Burress, Brooks Butler, Elizabeth Carrie, Sunny Courtwright, Emily Delgado, Ned Dockery, Jade Donahue, Spencer Dunn, Lauren Egger, Kate Flanagan, Zeke Gibson, Liana Gobush, Sydney Goodiel, Claire Groves, Elizabeth Hammett, Zan Haq, Nick Harapanahalli, Julia Hicks, Lily Grace Hoodis, Henry Isom, Lily Jackson, Kevin Jin, Ty Johnson, Brian Jones, Grace Judin, Daniel Kaplan, Alexander Konradi, Arthur Lindh, Jack Loftus, Caroline Massey, Selam Mekbeb-Gillett, Christopher Miller, Ross Miller, Tarun V Mittal, Braden Montgomery, Rachel Morrow, Sarah Morrow, Preston Morway, Humza Naseem, Arrington Nelson, Biz Newsom, Ashley Owens, Isabella Pfister, Abby Ragan, Sohaib Raza, John Rochon III, Austin Russell, David Saland, Garrett Seymour, Caroline Singleton, Sarah Smith, Annie Walker, Allie Warnecke, Meg Wilson, and River Woods


Class of 2021: Ally Aikman, Diego Avila, Michael Bagley, Ford Bannister, Ellie Bass, Mouzon Bass IV, Blair Batson, Eleanor Beck, Jack Beck, Adeline Beichler, Tripp Benners, Kenneth Borders, Jackson Breard, John Callis, Kirsten Carona, Joshua Chabria, Charlotte Clark, Avery Cole, Katherine Cowser, Mary Cowser, Aidan Cox, Sam Curtis, Rylie Dupuis, Charlotte Esping, Elle Etcheverry, Claire Everbach, Jiaying Fu, Laura Gillies, Jackson Goutcher, Jake Griffin, Lucy Hagge, Olivia Hagge, Ella Henson, Christopher Hess, Reece Huggard, Ally Jeter, Henry Kaiser, Grace Knudson, Neely Krispin, Peter Krispin, Reed Landin, Gabriel Letcher, Samuel Lindsey, Sam Logan, Benjamin Lowry, Lilly Lutz, Stephen Matthys, Hadley Mattocks, Luke McCabe, Madison McCoy, Matthew McCoy, Genevieve Minnis, Max Moorman, Cleo Neuhoff, Susanna Newsom, Garrett Nicholson, Penelope North, Andrew Pfaff, Judah Powell, Monserrat Rodriguez, Emily Rubin, Lucy Sinwell, Liesl Small, Ali Sparrow, Emma Sucato, Lauren Tollison, Kenny Tran, Bridgette Vassallo, John Vassallo, Gardiner Vose, Victoria Willox, Chase Wilson, Hollis Wood, Sumner Wooldridge, Lily Yandell, and Evelyn Zhao


For more photos from today's ceremony, please click here for the SmugMug gallery. The Upper School SmugMug password can be found under the SmugMug tab on the Private Parent Portal. Please contact Emma England with any questions.

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