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tarushi renuka mittal '18

Years at ESD: 3
Involvement and Extracurricular:
Robotics Team, Band, Math Club, Science Club

What is your favorite thing about ESD?
ESD has a wide variety of academic subjects and they keep improving on it every year. Last year we were able to add a new French class, a French V level class, and this year we were even able to get a class where students take an official examination and if they pass they’re legally allowed to work in France. So it’s really cool.

Tell me something about one of your favorite class projects:
Last year I had the opportunity to build a model trebuchet out of a Lego. We were learning about medieval times in history class. My teacher said she would give us extra points if we were able to build a working trebuchet and of course it had to be historically accurate and we weren’t allowed to use trebuchet building kits. So I decided to make mine out of Legos because I had a lot of experience with that. I think the hardest part was probably getting the trebuchet to throw an object over some distance but eventually I was able to do that with string and netting.

What subjects are your favorite to explore?
I really like French because I love learning new languages and it also helps me improve my own English. I guess I’ve always liked math from when I was little, I know it sounds weird. I’ve always wanted to help people and also always wanted to meet Native Americans so it was a really cool opportunity when I went to Pine Ridge. It was so much fun and I made a lot of new friends. We learned a lot about Native American traditions and customs. 


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