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sarah kate massey '18

Years at ESD: 4
Involvement and Extracurricular: Community Service Club, Girl Talk, Student Council

What is your favorite thing about ESD?
My favorite thing about ESD is the community because I can talk to anyone about anything, especially my teachers. They’re always open to help me and I know that I will be prepared for my years beyond ESD. It’s my basis for college, for my first job, and everything else.

What is a moment in the classroom that stands out to you?
Last year in eighth grade science we built an earthquake out of popsicle sticks. Mr. Goetsch had a machine that made it feel like it was an earthquake. He put the building on it to see how it could withstand an earthquake and mine fields.

What do you look forward to each day?
Seeing my friends and being able to talk to my teachers. Being able to go to school and learn new things makes me grateful.

Who inspires you?
Mrs. Remaud, my eighth grade English teacher. She taught me how to write, how to understand figurative language, the basics of grammar and how to actually read a book, interpret it, and relate it to my own life.

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