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nakeie montgomery '17

Years at ESD: 5
Involvement: Mu Alpha Theta, Varsity Football, BRIDGE Lacrosse, Young Men's Service League, Black Student Union  

What is your favorite thing about ESD?
The people! The friendships you make at ESD are sincere and I am looking forward to a lifetime of memories with the peers I have met here.

Tell me about a neat classroom experience?
In chemistry we put raw, elemental sodium into a fountain and watched it explode. 

What do you look forward to most each day?
I look forward to seeing my friends and receiving a high quality education that I feel fortunate to have.

What is the best thing about competing in both lacrosse and football?
They are the two sports that I see as the best, most exciting things to do in life. On the field my mind is clear and I can focus on the competition.

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