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CAlla boeckman '16

Years at ESD: 13
Involvement and Extracurricular: 
Track & Field, Ambassador Club, Community Service Council, Film Club

What is your favorite thing about ESD?
My favorite thing about ESD is probably the teachers and the community all together. 

Tell me a memory about your ESD education that sticks out?
When I was in sixth grade I went to Washington, D.C. with my history class. The trip corresponded with what we were learning in our American history class. I still remember how much fun it was.

What do you look forward to most each day?
I really enjoy most of my classes. I like going to them and learning everything. Some people are like, “ugh I don’t want to go back to class,” but I don’t even mind if I’m taking tests. The teachers are so good at their job that they make each class interesting and they switch things up a lot. 

Who inspires you?
I’m in Film 3 and I really like film. I really like Sofia Coppola, who’s a female director. She really inspires me because there aren’t a lot of female directors as well known. It’s a male dominated industry so I think she’s inspiration to me.

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