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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

Episcopal School of Dallas

A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12


The Episcopal School of Dallas offers an array of transformative experiences that foster the pursuit of academic excellence within a strong, supportive community that recognizes individual talents and develops the moral compass of each student towards confidence in self and appreciation and respect for others.

ESD ignites lives of purpose for students ages three through Grade 12.



ESD promotes enduring understanding through classroom experiences and real-world applications that involve students in the in-depth discovery and development of their talents, skills, and acquired knowledge.

1. Students think flexibly as they engage in complex, ambiguous, and thought-provoking educational experiences.

2. Students draw upon higher order cognitive and soft skills to develop questions and address problems.

3. Students take responsible risks that appropriately challenge their competence and comfort.

4. Students strive for accuracy as they persevere towards achievement at high standards.

5. Students think about their thinking as they reflect on their achievement and remain open to continuous learning.


ESD provides strong community-based support and shared goals that help students develop an understanding of and appreciation for the strengths and challenges of the broader community.

1. Students listen to others with understanding and empathy and think interdependently as they collaborate in teams.

2. Students communicate effectively across varying media to a wide range of audiences and purposes.

3. Students understand and appreciate difference (e.g., individuals, nations, cultures) while recognizing the dignity of every human being.

4. Students take individual and collective action to redress communal concerns that demonstrate their growing global competence and service to those in need.


ESD nurtures each student’s individual talents and skills by providing opportunities for those individual traits to flourish and develop in numerous settings and myriad experiences.

1. Students are developing self-awareness and discipline through introspection and action.

2. Students are developing and can articulate a strong sense of their own strengths and challenges as they embrace opportunities for both success and growth.

3. Students are becoming health conscious as they learn to successfully manage their own self-care and develop mindfulness.


Building upon our Episcopal Identity, Founding Tenets, and Code of Conduct, ESD presents students with value-based decision-making and leadership opportunities that help each student develop a strong belief system, educated conscience, and a guiding moral compass.

1. Students apply moral reasoning in their self-discipline and decision making as ethical citizens.

2. Students take responsibility for their actions as ethical citizens.

3. Students understand that leadership involves moving a common mission forward through engagement, empowerment, and service.

4. Students can articulate their core faith beliefs and their educated conscience.


Lower School

4344 Colgate Avenue
Dallas, Texas, 75225

Middle & Upper School

4100 Merrell Road
Dallas, Texas, 75229

Wolf Run Ranch

located near Anna, Texas

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