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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

The Episcopal School of Dallas

A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12



The Episcopal School of Dallas community is committed to creating, maintaining, and nurturing a diverse and inclusive environment as it prepares young women and men for lives of intellectual discovery, integrity, and purpose. We believe that diversity in our school community enhances the quality of the education that ESD provides and is essential to the development of well-rounded people. The Episcopal School of Dallas values diversity in all its forms, including but not limited to ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic background.


As a school, we strive daily to create a safe, nurturing environment for all of our students, regardless of their background. Our program’s goal is not simply to make students aware of the diversity in the world around or to accept it; the ESD graduate is able to appreciate another person for the unique qualities and background that s/he brings to the school community. In doing so, we want all students, faculty, and staff to know that we are one body, one school, regardless of our differences.


Affinity and Alliance Groups at ESD provide a community for students who have a common identity that makes them who they are. Those identities may be related to race, culture, gender, religion, or sexuality. In affinity groups, students speak from the “I” perspective about who they are and what impacts their self-identity. In alliance groups, students may speak from the “we” perspective seeing themselves as supportive of but not directly experiencing a specific identity. At ESD, all affinity and alliance groups are led by trained adult members of the faculty who help support and facilitate discussions.

Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Lower School Diversity and Inclusion Program

The Diversity and Inclusion program in the Lower School strives to create an inclusive community that celebrates our differences as well as our similarities. Our program highlights one culture or difference per month in the way of books, bulletin boards, videos, articles, special food offerings, and presentations. Teachers ensure that diversity is integrated into their curriculum and help students understand the importance of diversity and interdependency in our school and our world as well as teaching our young students to be kind and accepting of all. Our goal is to create a diverse and inclusive school culture that embraces free and open inquiry and honors our common humanity.

Middle School Diversity Club

The Diversity and Inclusion Program in the Middle School is based on celebrating the different cultures, groups, and religions that make up our nation and the world.

Students, working alongside their faculty advisors, share in Chapel according to the Virtue of the Month, various religious holy days (Jewish High Holy Days, Holi, Chinese New Year), and the National Heritage Month celebrations.

The Diversity Club meets twice a month.

Upper School Affinity Groups

Black Student Union (BSU)

We, the members of this organization, aspire to dedicate ourselves and the organization to be a component for education, cultural, spiritual, and social exchange among students. We, the members, charge the organization to act as a unified intermediary for the promotion of creative Black Student Union enterprises, and to aid in the awareness and significance of African Americans as part of their experience at The Episcopal School of Dallas (ESD).

Jewish Student Union (JSU)

The Jewish Student Union explores our Jewish identities within the ESD community and shares aspects of the Jewish faith traditions and spiritual beliefs with one another as well as with the broader community. As we seek to understand our own religious identity, we also seek “to demonstrate and proclaim the unique worth and beauty of all human beings as creations of a loving, empowering God” (NAES Episcopal Identity Statement).

Women’s Studies Organization (WSO)

The Women’s Studies Organization (WSO) brings students together for three purposes: 1) to appreciate and celebrate female identity, 2) to strengthen and assert the female voice in our co-educational environment, and 3) to provide a safe place to discuss gender.

Upper School Alliance Groups

Latinos Unidos

The United Latinos group is founded on members’ deeply embedded traditions stemming from our individual cultures and values. Together, we are a support group for students who are both interested in and a part of the Latino culture, traditions and values while maintaining education as top priority. Our ultimate goal is to advocate unity, respect, and knowledge of Latino culture at the Episcopal school of Dallas.


Asian Council

Lower School

4344 Colgate Avenue
Dallas, Texas, 75225

Middle & Upper School

4100 Merrell Road
Dallas, Texas, 75229

Wolf Run Ranch

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