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Eleven Engineering I Students Earn ESA-1 DC Theory Certification
Posted 05/06/2019 02:00PM


Earlier this month, 11 Engineering I students passed their ESA-1 DC Theory Certification Test from the International Society of Certified Electronic Technicians (ISCET). Two additional students expect to complete their test by the end of this week. Congratulations to Owen Aston, Brooks Butler, Mason DeYoung, Meera Gangasani, Aidan Hieber, Reece Huggard, Peter Krispin, Jackson Morash, Judah Powell, Garrett Seymour, and James Wharton.  

Principles of Engineering and Robotics is a prerequisite for Engineering 1, every student Engineering I has also earned his or her OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Safety Certification during the fall semester. Now, the overwhelming majority of the Engineering 1 students have two major certifications. Additionally, those advancing into Engineering 2 next year will have an opportunity to earn a third industrial certification from ISCET ESA-2 over AC Theory.

According to, "the Certified Electronics Technician (CET) Program, founded in 1965, is designed to measure the degree of theoretical knowledge and technical proficiency of practicing technicians."

Well done, Eagles! 

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