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97 Juniors and Seniors Honored with President's Volunteer Service Award
Posted 04/29/2019 02:00PM


This afternoon, 97 juniors and seniors were honored with the President's Volunteer Service Award during a special ceremony. Matthew Trogdon, Vice President of Bonton Farms, kicked off the ceremony with a speech on the impact and importance of community service. He thanked our students for their commitment to serving others, before turning the mic over to the Community Service Co-Chairs Katelin Gildersleeve '19, McKinley Lawson '19, and Emerson Prokos '19 for the announcement of the honorees.

Those receiving the award today completed at least 100 community service hours this year. Also honored today were students who have received this prestigious award for four consecutive years, thus becoming a four-year recipient of the President's Volunteer Service Award. Individually, these students served at least 350 hours both locally and globally during their time in Upper School here at ESD. Collectively, they dedicated over 14,856 hours to helping others.


In alignment with ESD's Founding Tenet of Service, these students dedicated their time and energy to serving others in our community and beyond. Please see below for a list of the students who achieved this award. Congratulations, Eagles!


Class of 2019: Will Archer*, Kennedy Banks*, Will Beck*, Jack Betts*, Emma Boeckman*, Grace Boyd*, Reece Breaux*, Trey Brooks*, John Calvert*, John Carrie*, Ashley Carter*, Miles Cavitt*, Elizabeth Davis*, Elliot Duessel*, Katelin Gildersleeve*, Cameron Goldstein, Isabelle Gonzales*, William Greening*, Allison Herring*, Grace Inglis*, Patrick Kerrigan*, Dane Kozelsky*, McKinley Lawson*, Maggie Lipscomb*, Truman Litle*, Luke Logan*, Lauren Marks*, Emma Name*, Cooper Newsom*, Hank Parsons*, Taezja Phelan*, Patrick Phillips, Emerson Prokos*, Chloe Raines*, Sydney Rezaie*, Annie Saustad*, Annie Sawers*, Abby Stanford*, Luke Stanford*, Christopher Talbot*

*denotes a Four-Year PVSA Recipient

Class of 2020: Kerrm Ahsan, Virginia Baker, Cambridge Bender, Alan Benitez, Sameer Bhasin, William Blair, Catherine Blaylock, Abby Brand, Parker Brennan, Elizabeth Carrie, Sunny Courtwright, Emily Delgado, Edward Dockery, Jade Donahue, Spencer Dunn, Lauren Egger, Andrew Gibson, Sabrina Gies, Sydney Goodiel, Claire Groves, Elizabeth Hammett, Zain Haq, Nikash Harapanahalli, Julia Hicks, Lily Grace Hoodis, Henry Isom, Lily Jackson, Kevin Jin, Brian Jones, Grace Judin, Patrick Kelley, Arthur Lindh, Caroline Massey, Selam Mekbeb-Gillett, Ross Miller, Tarun Mittal, Braden Montgomery, Val Mooty, Rachel Morrow, Sarah Morrow, Humza Naseem, Arrington Nelson, Biz Newsom, Ashley Owens, Isabella Pfister, Jose' Portella III, Abby Ragan, Sohaib Raza, John Rochon III, Austin Russell, Garrett Seymour, Caroline Singleton, Sarah Smith, Annie Walker, Alexandra Warnecke, Margaret Wilson, River Woods

Pictured above are the four-year recipients of the President's Volunteer Service Award.

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