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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12



Hamlin Family Establishes Endowment Fund
Posted 03/19/2019 10:00AM


Sarah Hamlin P'15, '18, '23 and current ESD Board Member, shares about her family's commitment to ESD's endowment:


\\\FacStaff\stokesd\Downloads\hamlin-001 2.jpegWhat inspired your family to make a gift to The Campaign for The Episcopal School of Dallas?

Each of us, Frank and I, have been impacted by our faith-based educational experiences. I attended an Episcopalian school with a long history in Virginia, and Frank attended the St. Michael's School. Now, with three children educated at ESD, we wanted to support the mission and vision of Father Swann. We believe firmly that our children should not only receive the best education but also should be of the highest moral and ethical character.  Moreover, they should contribute in a meaningful way to whichever community of which they are a part. The Episcopal School of Dallas already holds a significant place in Dallas and we believe the School's future is without limit. We wanted to play a role in investing in ESD's future.


What appealed to you about giving to endowment?

We want our gift to enrich ESD, not just now, but for many years to come. With the hope that others will join the effort started by Father Swann and our campaign chairs, we wished to establish an endowment contribution that could increase the School's capacity to provide help to those who need it and, at the same time, enrich the community at large. Endowment giving, over the long term, will allow the leadership of the school to have more choices in how it uses its annual fund and will shape the ability of leadership to expand and diversify ESD's reach.


Please describe the purpose of your endowment fund.

We've chosen to divide our endowment gift to support two different aspects of the school. First, we have asked to help endow non tuition needs at our school to help level the playing field among all students. Whether it is to supply athletic equipment, provide ACT and SAT preparation, or allow participation in the school ring ceremony, we want all to be able to make choices based on the options our school offers, without obstacles. Our second piece of endowment giving is to allow the Head of School to enrich his or her priorities within the school. We trust wholly in the leadership to help expand ESD's reach and academic community and to continue to enrich all of our students in meaningful ways.


What advice would you offer to inspire others to consider establishing an endowment fund?

We hope that all will see how very important that endowment giving is to the future financial stability of any school. It allows us to diversify our community for the good of our students' experience in the world that they will face. Moreover, endowment giving will allow the school freedom to choose its own future without a single driven focus on tuition dollars and, long term, this will help every student and parent in the school.

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