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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12



Seven Alumni Return to Campus to Host Alumni Panel for Seniors
Posted 01/11/2019 10:00AM


Seven members of the Class of 2018 returned to campus and hosted a discussion panel for current seniors yesterday.

Emma Cabrales (SMU), Matt Jones (Villanova), Alexa Lutz (Loyola Marymount Univ.), Aly Molubhoy (Univ. of Texas), Emilie Owens (Univ. of Texas), Izzy Siragusa (George Washington Univ.), and Sophia Stener (Columbia Univ.) spoke to the students about their personal experiences at college. These recent alums discussed what they wished they'd known as seniors last year, how to manage their class schedule with extracurriculars, and other tips on how to succeed past ESD. 

"I would say to not really stress the first semester about having everything planned," said Izzy Siragusa, who is studying Political Science and Spanish. "The first semester is made for you to transition so it's fine if you don't have everything planned out."

Each of their college experiences is unique, but they were able to give helpful advice to seniors such as:

"It's okay to not know anyone going to college. That was something I was kind of worried about - I knew absolutely no one and it was actually a really fun experience to meet so many people in the first couple of weeks.” - Sophia Stener

"That motivation you have from junior year, when classes are really hard, that we lose senior year matters." - Emma Cabrales

“One thing I knew but ignored for the first month was don’t lay on your bed in the middle of the day - you’ll fall asleep. I’d sit on my bed and thought, I’ll play on my phone for like 5 minutes then I’ll go do work but I’d end up taking a 2-hour nap. So just stay off your bed during the day.” - Matt Jones


Big thanks again to Emma, Matt, Alexa, Aly, Emilie, Izzy, and Sophia for speaking to our students this week!

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