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Fifth Graders Share Science Lessons With Tanzanian Sister School
Posted 01/25/2018 01:00PM


This semester, our fifth-grade science classes are taking the pen pal game to the next level. Every Friday, they share a science connection with our sister school in Tanzania, the Joseph and Mary Primary School.

They are beginning to explore water-related issues together as part of their current curriculum, which will focus on water systems and how weather patterns affect water. Our fifth graders have already received letters back from students at Joseph and Mary Primary School, detailing what life is like in their community in Tanzania, their interests, how they access water, and the steps they have to go through to ensure their water is safe.

Our students were intrigued to learn the various methods of accessing water in Tanzania. According to their letters, some students use a well, some use taps, and some fetch their water from Lake Victoria. In the coming weeks, the students will do a shared lab experience on water (based on quality, filtration patterns, and more) with our sister school.

"This correspondence gives our students the opportunity to have a connection somewhere across the world and explore different perspectives of the same subject," explains ESD Curriculum Specialist Lindsey Cullins. "Details included in the most recent letters, like encountering hippos, snakes, and crocodiles while fetching water, brings into view the realities experienced by our brothers and sisters on the other side of the globe."

Expanding their view of the world will lead to greater global competency as they continue through life. And fifth graders aren't the only ones learning from our international friends. The Upper School engineering students plan to do a rock cycle experiment with sixth-grade science classes, before sharing their lessons and findings with the students at Joseph and Mary Primary School. Eventually the science classes will build up to their dissection experiments as well, so stay tuned for more exciting happenings with our sister school!

Click here to view the letters the fifth graders received from our friends at The Joseph and Mary Primary School.

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