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You Are Not A Number by The Rev. Amy G. Heller
Posted 10/02/2017 02:00PM

You Are Not A Number
-by The Rev. Amy G. Heller

You are not a number
The whole of you is so much more
You are not a bunch of letters
You are a child wonderfully made
You came into our world beautifully loud

You are not a number
Within a week you were given 9 numbers
An identity? A code?
You oohed and ahhed and cried
Those numbers hid in a drawer

You grew
Stuffed animals and blocks and colors and letters
Then trains and action figures and games
And you
Stumbled and walked and tripped and ran
And you
Spoke and sang and screamed and were quiet

But the doctors wrote numbers down
And people asked about your numbers
How much you weighed
How tall you were
How old you were

You are not a number

Mother's Day out and preschool and
Dates written on everything that came
Home in your little school bag
And then kindergarten and then
Even your grade was numbered
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th
And so many numbers next to your name 
On the papers that made their way home
75, 100, 83, 50, 95, 61, 0
The numbers starting to pile up

And suddenly the lower the number 
The louder the yelling and the accusing
About being lazy and not trying and get off your phone
No xbox for a week
Have you finished your homework 
Became our only conversations 
And those numbers became a wedge
Or maybe a reflection of how you were seen
Somehow everyone forgot 
The number isn't you
The number isn't you

And then the social numbers creeped in
Clothing size shoe size 
And what you wore and how much it cost
And how much you weighed

And even your health was defined by a number
Weight, BMI, LDL, HDL, glucose, BP
More numbers

And that phone that brought numbers
Into your life about how many friends 
Liked, texted, included, excluded
Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat streaks
The brokenness 
Your heart feeling new things
Reminding us all
You are not a number

But so easy to get lost in high school
As grades and finals
PSAT and SAT and ACT and colleges wanting certain numbers
Questions again like when you were little
What are your grades?
Your scores?
Money for college?

You are not a number
You are beautifully made 
With a loving heart
A curious mind
A helpful hand
You can dance with joy
And laugh with your friends
You work hard at all you put your mind to
You melt our hearts with your smile
You a child of God
You are not a number

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