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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12


Kindergarteners Create Their Own Book from Start to Finish
Posted 03/09/2017 11:00AM


Creativity in Kindergarteners is generally a given, but the students in Mrs. Cannata’s Kindergarten class took it to the next level this week. Inspired after reading Jan Brett’s The Mitten, Mrs. Cannata decided to use this book as a cornerstone for their writer’s workshop as it demonstrates storytelling, the literary elements of fiction, and plot development.

Students got to work creating their own version of The Mitten, setting it in Africa rather than the original location of Ukraine because of their recent studies of the continent. They developed characters (a boy and a girl, so they wouldn’t have to choose one over the other) and crafted a storyline that mirrored the structure of Brett’s book. After the page-by-page outline was done, the Kindergarteners drew and colored the illustrations to accompany it. The book is filled with the African culture the students have been learning about in their curriculum.

Realizing their role as an “author” was pivotal for the class, and the students loved getting to take ownership in helping create their very own book. Copies of their book, The Basket, were distributed to the class yesterday! In honor of the “publishing” of their book, students put on an adorable display of storytelling where they read their book out loud to an audience.

We love the ingenuity and creativity coming out of our classrooms! Great job on your first book deal, Mrs. Cannata’s class.

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