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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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(Virtual) Annual Philanthropy Visit

On Friday morning, the junior class interviewed various non-profit agencies in the metroplex area. Under the guidance of Mrs. Phelps, our Community Service Learning Director, advisories have been working to identify problems in the Dallas area, try to understand the root causes and see what solutions and help the agencies are offering. With their philanthropist hats on, they interviewed representatives of the agencies chosen to learn more about their budgets, needs, fundraisers in order to decide where to apply their donations. The virtual visits were all arranged by Mrs. Phelps, which was not an easy task this year as all the agencies are facing numerous new issues due to the corona virus. Our junior class reacted quickly and added very thoughtful questions about the impact of the Covid-19 to the interviews. Our Advisory realized how quickly Cafe Momentum was able to reinvent itself on March 13 by shifting its operations to Momentum Eats. Great leadership from our junior class throughout the whole process. Additionally, an unexpected positive consequence of the shelter-in-place order is that the budget for transportation expenses is being reassigned by the Dallas Foundation to the amount donated to each agencies!