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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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“The Journey Back to God”: A Lenten Homily

During this season of Lent, Reverend Heller has led our Beginner friends on a journey with God. Lent is a time to realize how far we may have wandered from God, so his followers take the 40 days to journey back to God. Before we head into our Spring Break next week, we reflect on the time they’ve already spent on that journey thus far.

“This week we wonder about prayer and how we talk and listen to God,” explained Reverend Heller during her sharing time in Beginner Chapel Wednesday morning. “We will wonder about what we need from God. We will wonder about what God needs from us. We will take our time and journey together.”

Every journey needs the proper tools and preparation to make it a successful one. That is why our Beginner friends have spent their chapel talks during this Lenten season discussing all the things they would need to put in their backpack to carry on their journey. So far this week, these are all of the items put into the backpack and what they represent:

  • Monday- a purple bandana, reminding us how we are tied to God
  • Tuesday- a pair of green socks, reminding us of St. Patrick and how the saints walk with God, and we can too
  • Wednesday- a yellow flashlight, reminding us that God led the Israelites with a pillar of fire and that Jesus taught his disciples to let their light shine, so we should too
  • Thursday- a blue tarp, reminding us that God created all that is so we need to look up and see the sky and give thanks for this wonderful world we share

All of these items, and the reminders they carry, assist us on our journey back to God this Lenten season. You can view even more of these items and get a sneak peek into the chapel time our Beginners had earlier this week in the video below. In closing, we offer to you the prayer our Beginners have heard this week from Reverend Heller.

God thank you for walking with us and showing us the way to you, to your love, and to the way you want us to live together. Amen.