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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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The Winning Spirit

‘The Winning Spirit’ by Sandi Clark (represented by Southwest Gallery in Dallas),

Bronze Sculpture, 2010. Located by the running track at Jones Family Stadium.

Dedicated in memory of Keri Scholtz Hall.

About the Artist:

The artist Sandi Clark worked with Keri’s parents to commission this piece, with the sculpture taking about one year to complete. Clark shows her work in many galleries across several states including Colorado, Texas, California, Arizona, and in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she lives.

Interestingly, Clark’s first career was as an entrepreneur in the dental industry, owning eleven dental labs in California. During this phase of her life, the artist had hands-on experience constructing and sculpting porcelain teeth. This attention to detail and drive for perfection is evident in her bronze sculptures of adults, children, animals, and fountains, which she has been creating full-time since the early 1990s. 


About Keri:

Eddie Eason remembers Keri, “She was a popular member of the class of 1987, Keri was in 7th grade when I started. Her nickname was “the rocket” and she held all of the track records (she maybe still holds one or two of them). She had great prowess as a sprinter. Her class was instrumental in the development of the athletic center & track (which opened around 1985). Keri was active in the French club, a member of the student council and National Honors society. She is definitely one of those kids that you miss.” 

“She was adored. I never taught her but I saw her around the school and also when she was working here. She had a dynamic, friendly, happy spirit. She was loved by outstanding lady. She loved ESD and was very devoted to the school”. - Janis Hefley. 

While at ESD Keri received the Carol Rugeley Dockery Award, a memorial given each year to an outstanding junior who exemplifies the following qualities: a deep love of God and family, a commitment to learning and scholarship, loyalty to friends, a concern and compassion for anyone troubled or in need, and an efficiency in carrying out any task undertaken. Amongst many other awards and nominations, Keri also received the Chancellor’s Cup for the most outstanding student.  

When Keri was 16 she completed her first solo flight, upholding a family tradition by earning her flight certificate on her 16th birthday, even before taking her driver’s exam. There were a couple of lovely photos of her in the Dallas Morning News with titles “The daring young girl and her magnificent flying machine” and “16-year-old earns her wings, in the family tradition”. 

After graduation, Keri once took a job selling Xerox copy machines. Keri’s Mom Nita says she hated it and came home one day to tell her Mom she’d quit! When her mom asked what she was planning on doing next Keri replied she was going straight to see Father Swann. She loved Father Swann. Keri Scholtz Hall became the Director of Alumni Relations, a position that she held here at ESD for a couple of years.


This bronze sculpture was a gift to ESD and was commissioned from donations made to the Keri Scholtz Hall Memorial Fund. Dedicated on November 13, 2010

Next time you’re out on the track or driving past on Midway, take a moment to look and appreciate this lovely bronze work of art, dedicated to a very special lady.