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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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Local Artist Feature Wall: Djay Chung

The Gill Library features works from local artist Djay Chung. 

Djay is an abstract artist who focuses on exploring our world culture through the trials of individuals deemed abandoned by society. He researches situations directly by visiting the subjects of his inspiration for weeks or months at a time, to properly place himself within the atmosphere and to grasp the tone and emotion of the local perspective. His paintings often feature rich colors, dynamic layering, and raw energy. The four artworks on display in the Gill Library are part of a series that he created after returning from Bangladesh and working with Rohingya refugees. 

Djay works out of his studio in Trinity Groves, Dallas. He has a degree in architectural engineering from his home country of South Korea and holds a B.F.A from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University in Boston. After moving to the United States and feeling confronted by a dramatic diversity of races, cultures, and creeds, Djay became interested in psychology and exposing himself to the trials and hardships of many, through volunteer work. Seeing the opportunity artwork has to transcend the barriers of language and culture, Jay seeks to illustrate emotion and the ‘real stories,’ as he travels the globe to live with those on the margins of our societal awareness.

“As an abstract painter, I’m most driven to explore the contemporary state of our world, and the diversity of culture, through the trials of those who society and culture reject," Djay said. "This juxtaposition highlights our deep-rooted desire to survive, which is exhibited in the willpower of the individuals I spend time with around the world; people forgotten by nations but who refuse to succumb to the harshness of extreme living environments.”  

These inspiring artworks will be on display until the end of April, and an artist talk date will be posted soon!