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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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Local Artist Feature Wall: Andrea Guay

Guay’s series on ‘Transfer’ includes works that are photography and oil paint on aluminum. They have a dazzling surface and are nostalgia-inducing representations of journey and relocation. Guay has moved some thirty times in the past fifty years, however, she has maintained a studio in Dallas which she describes as her creative home. 

As soon as we are able, Andrea Guay will come into ESD and talk with our students about her work process and life as an artist, which began with a BA in architecture and graduate studies at Columbia University.  If we remain virtual, we will organize an online artist talk, so stay tuned for that. 

Transfer: How Did I Get Here

“The art in my series, “Transfer: a Search for Personal Place,” explores ideas of migration, exploration, and relocation; the pieces are born of my transient lifestyle. Embedded in this work is the paramount symbol of economic development, the train, a vehicle that enables the transfer of ideas, cultures, products, and people from one place to another. Collectively, my works define place as a living environment that evolves as people, ideas, and things are accumulated, experienced, and passed along.”

“Each final artwork, a balance of the abstract, the representational, and sometimes the figurative, blurs the distinction between painting, graphic art, and digital modeling. My path to get “here” has been many things: purposeful and unexpected; carefully designed and blurred in my memory; designed and accidental. It's been a journey!”