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WORX Internship Program Is Gearing Up for Another Great Year
High School Internship Program

Since its founding, the ESD WORX program has matched rising seniors to summer internships with community members in a wide variety of local businesses. Modeled after collegiate programs, qualified students have the opportunity for personal career awareness, life-skills mentoring, and invaluable exposure to fields of interest by working under and alongside community mentors. This unique opportunity would not be possible without ESD’s College Guidance Department, who oversees the program, and the unwavering partnership of the Dads’ Partnership, and dedicated support of the Alumni Association.

Many thanks to the 126 WORX Partners who make this program a success.

We asked a few of our partners, why WORX? Here's what they said:

Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper 
Current parent and alumni parent
Industry: Energy
I can’t think of another program at another school where students have direct access to so many mentors in different fields who want to help them succeed. I think WORX is unique in that respect and it makes me happy to see our kids get that exposure at this stage in their lives. It’s also a great opportunity for students to showcase demonstrated interest in a field on their college applications and take that direct experience into the college classroom.


Edward Bogel ’05 
Current parent
Industry: Commercial Real Estate 
The best parts for me are meeting a younger generation of ESD future grads and providing them with a glimpse into the real world of working and life. I enjoy staying in touch with the WORX students throughout their college career as well. 

David Davidson ’05 
Industry: Commercial Real Estate 
The WORX program connects current students with the alumni. Participating in the WORX program has given Edward Bogel ’05, my business partner at DB2RE, and me another opportunity to give back to a place that gave so much to us.

Sharon Egger '82

Sharon Knuths Egger ’82
Current parent and alumni parent
Industry: Interior Design
During my time at ESD, Father Swann facilitated two opportunities for me to gain insight into a field I believed I wanted to pursue in college. The first was a summer internship with a residential designer. The second was a mock interview and portfolio review with an architectural firm. Each experience confirmed I wanted to practice interior design and I had a better idea of what my college courses would entail. Now through the WORX program, I have enjoyed mentoring students and sharing my passion for and knowledge in the field as I did as a student at ESD.

Vicki Knight

Victoria Knight ’12
Industry: Audio Technology

I think giving high school students working experience can help them discover their passions early on, something I wish was available to me in high school. I now work in the music industry and it’s something that I found a passion for because of my love for music. As a WORX partner, I wanted to share my experience and passion for music with others so they could decide if it was worth exploring in college.


Jack Nealon

Jack Nealon 
Current parent
Industry: Finance 
ESD’s WORX program is a terrific way for high school students to get real-world experience in areas that interest them prior to declaring a major in college. These internships provide opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience in a broad range of fields, and afterward they can decide if their initial interests withstand having spent time working in that field. 


Lauren Zogg 
Alumni parent
Industry: Fine Arts 
I love that ESD recognizes internships are important for students to strengthen personal character while putting their education into practice. A good internship program also opens doors for future opportunities, connecting students – future business leaders – to mentors and valuable resources in our ESD community. I believe an internship in the arts/design industry is especially beneficial as it can help all students learn about themselves through creative endeavors because art is uniquely positioned to move people.

To learn more about the program and ways to be involved, please contact Katherine Montgomery '10.