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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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Upper School Art Awards Recognize Over 60 Talented Artists
Katie Voss


Earlier this week, the Fine Arts department recognized students in each discipline for their outstanding contributions this semester. Their works are currently on display in the John Eagle Art Gallery. Please see the full list of award recipients below. For the photos of each award winner, please visit your Smug Mug page. 



Best Pinhole Photograph

  • 1st place Keil Neuhoff '22
  • 2nd place Lily Yandell '21
  • 3rd  place Weston Hargrave '22

Introduction to Photography

  • 1st  place Major Parsons '22 for "Rays"
  • 2nd place Weston Hargrave for "Under the Parachute"
  • 3rd place Zachary Habeeb '22 for "Piano"

Photography 1

  • 1st place Cambridge Bender '20 for "Face in the Soil"
  • 2nd place Reed Landin '21 for "Shades of Malcolm"
  • 3rd  place Grace Knudson '21 for "Egg"

Photography II

  • 1st place Olivia Hagge '21 for "Sacrificial"
  • 2nd place Cambridge Bender for "Eye"
  • 3rd place Hadley Mattocks '21 for "When the Party is Over"

Photography III

  • 1st place Malcolm Herod '20 for "Face inside the Car"
  • 2nd place Ned Dockery '20 for "Toy Figures"
  • 3rd place John Rochon '20 for "Sitting in Destruction"

AP Photography

  • 1st place Bryce Miltenberger '19 for "Hands on the Door"
  • 2nd place Izzy Gonzales '19 for "Chair in the Field"
  • 3rd place Emma Boeckman '19 for "Metro"

ATPI Fall Photo Contest

  • 1st place Reed Landin for "Shades of Malcolm"
  • 2nd place Lily Baughman '20 for "Pretty on Display"
  • 2nd place Photo Story Weston Hargrave for "Faces of Uganda"
  • 3rd place Lily Baughman for "Hollow"
  • 3rd place Bryce Miltenberger for "The Divide"

Honorable Mention

  • Lily Baughman for "Separated"
  • Isabella Custard '22 for "New York"
  • Weston Hargrave for "Crazy in the Clouds"
  • Ty Johnson '20 for "Praise"
  • Briggs Jones '20 for "Connecting the Chicane"
  • Bryce Miltenberger for "Falls of Gods"
  • Bryce Miltenberger for "Reflect"
  • Bryce Miltenberger for "Addiction"
  • Humza Naseem '20 for "Rose"
  • Finley Nelson '22 for "Boy Through Window"
  • Gianna Pope '19 for "Lighted Thoughts"
  • Lily Yandell for "Face of Wisdom"


Painted Portraits

  • 3rd Place Auden Rudelson '19  
  • 2nd Place Atticus Cabrales '19  
  • 1st Place Caroline Bolton '19

Beginning Sculpture

  • 3rd Place Tori Schmidt '22 for "Home"
  • 2nd Place Christopher Hess '21 for "Plaster Form (Green and White)"
  • 1st Place Lauren Sedwick '22 for "Untitled (after James Turrell)"

Intermediate Sculpture

  • 3rd Place Abby Brand '20 for "Eggsperiment"
  • 2nd Place Garret Seymour '20 for "Sticking Together"
  • 1st Place Michael Bagley '21 for "Continents"

Advanced Sculpture

  • 3rd Place Christian King '19 for "Orifice"
  • 2nd Place Adam Bland '19 for "Sweet Caroline"
  • 1st Place Jenna Conn '19 for "Philautia"

Introduction to Wheel Throwing

  • 3rd Place Jackson Goutcher '21 for "Black Bowl"
  • 2nd Place Emily Yancey '22 for "Easter"
  • 1st Place Cleo Neuhoff '21 for "Dots"

Wheel Throwing II

  • 3rd Place Ella Henson '21 for "Gesture"
  • 2nd Place Avery Cole '21 for "Roots"
  • 1st Place Bella Collins '21 for " Taste the Rainbow "

Wheel Throwing III - IV

  • 3rd Place Hadley Smith '20 for "She Loves the Sunset"
  • 2nd Place William Turner '19 for "Erosion"
  • 1st Place Adrian Sada '21 for "Forgotten Garden"

Introduction to Handbuilding through AP

  • 3rd Place Elle Etcheverry '21 'for "Roller Girl"
  • 2nd Place Lizzie Kelly '22 for "Bed Head"
  • 1st Place Maddie Tong '19 for "Little Beady Eyes"

Intro to Studio Art

  • 3rd Place Gina Montagna '22
  • 2nd Place Emily Yancey
  • 1st Place Alexandra Sachs '21

Studio Art I

  • 3rd Place Eleanor Beck '21
  • 2nd Place Elinor Bass '21
  • 1st Place Sumner Wooldridge '21

AP Studio Art II - D Design/Studio 2/Studio 4

  • 3rd Place Kerrm Ashan '20
  • 2nd Place Ethan Nghiem '19
  • 1st Place Kate Flanagan '20

AP Studio Art Drawing

  • 3rd Place Eliza Davis '19
  • 2nd Place Annie Sawers '19
  • 1st Place Anisa Noor '19

The Visual Arts Department also recognized the following students for achievements this year in Local and National Competitions:

  • Anisa Noor won Three Honorable Mention Awards, one Silver Key Award, and a Gold Key Award from the National Scholastics Art and Writing Competition. Additionally, she had a piece selected for the Teen Renaissance Exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Art

  • Jade Donahue '20 had a piece selected for the annual Young American Talent Competition

  • Hadley Smith had a ceramic piece selected for The Texas Visual Arts Association Annual High School Exhibition held at the University of Texas at Dallas.

  • Young Arts Merit Award for Photo Story Gianna Pope

  • Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Silver Key Izzy Gonzales for "Flower Study 1"

  • Fort Worth Country Day Black and White Contest

    • 2nd place Humza Naseem for "Loneliness"

    • 3rd place Lily Jackson '20 for "Peek a boo"

Additionally, these students had work selected to become part of ESD's permanent art collection through what is known as the ESD Art Purchase Award.

  • Anisa Noor
  • Maddie Tong
  • Gianna Pope
  • Adam Bland

Congratulations to all of these talented students!