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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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The Fourth Annual Pin It On Ceremony Celebrates the Shared ESD Identity Between Two Classes

Three years ago, during plans for One Campus, One Community, student advisory leaders brainstormed a way to unite the three divisions. The result? A ceremony similar to Pass It On, uniting middle and upper school students, but for the "freshmen" of the two divisions: ninth graders and fifth graders. Like Pass It On, the Pin It On ceremony celebrates the shared ESD identity between the two classes. 

The Advisory Council for Traditions considered four key themes:

  1. The transition from lower to middle school and the experiences and privileges that come with it.
  2. Class unity and the camaraderie, bonds, and friendships that develop as students progress through school.
  3. The significance of instilling in each student a sense of belonging and pride for their class and for their school. 
  4. And finally, they considered what it means to share in the ESD identity. 

The fifth-grade pins were designed by members of the Class of 2023. They designed the pin when they were in 8th grade. Pin It On, and the unique design of the pins will be carried forward through our school’s history.  This year’s pin is specific to this year’s fifth and ninth-grade classes, the classes of 2030 and 2026, signifying a special link the classes will always share. This tradition reinforces the values that make our school and community so unique.

This year’s ceremony was held on Wednesday, November 16. 

Photos of the event can be accessed on SmugMug through the Parent Portal. Please visit the Veracross parent portal, scroll down to the Parent Resources section, and click SmugMug Photos (note the password on the SmugMug button). Photos can be found in the middle school folder.