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Ten Eagles Earn Top Scouting Honors

Ten upper school Eagles have earned the top scouting honors in their respective Scouting program. Both of these prestigious awards require years of dedication, leadership, and service. ESD is proud to announce that nine students have earned their Eagle Scout ranking in the Boy Scouts of America Program; one student has earned the Gold Award in the Girl Scouts of the USA Program. 

The highest advancement rank in the Boy Scouts Program, a Boy Scout must fulfill requirements in the areas of leadership, service, and outdoor skills to earn their Eagle Scout ranking. Since its inception in 1911, only four percent of Scouts have earned this rank after a lengthy review process.

Similarly, The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest and most prestigious award in Girl Scouting, comparable to the Boy Scouts of America’s Eagle Scout. The Gold Award is presented to girls in grades 9-12 who have planned and executed significant Take Action projects in response to pressing community needs; only six percent of Scouts have earned this rank after its respective inception in 1916. 

We are beyond proud to recognize these ten Eagles for this outstanding accomplishment! Learn more about our ten outstanding students:

James Altizer ’25

Troop: 82
Date Completed: 2021
Project Benefit: Children’s Medical Center
From the Scout: "I am a patient at Children’s Medical Allergy Clinic and I was also involved in a research study to cure allergies. I had to wear a patch with peanut protein on my back for 3 years and I would come in every month for testing. During testing, I noticed there was nowhere to play games, do homework, or any other kind of entertainment, so my Eagle project was building lap desks for the clinic."

Briggs Briner '23 

Troop: 577
Date Completed: 2020
Project Benefit: Family Gateway
From the Scout: "I designed and built custom wooden shelving units for a donation room at Family Gateway. This project took around 5 hours and was a great success. I had around 8 scouts help me with this project. Completing this project meant that I could successfully lead a group to complete a task. Along with this, I also saw my creations come into being which was exciting because I got to see something that I designed become tangible. This experience was a significant help to Family Gateway because it provided them with much-needed shelving that allowed them to be able to hold more donations, meaning they could help more families. I’m ecstatic that these shelves worked and that we could help this organization in such an impactful way."

Kellen Carona ’22 

Troop: 577
Date Completed: 2021
Project Benefit: The Episcopal School of Dallas

Victoria Feuer ’22

Troop: 8314
Date Completed: 2021
From the Scout: "My project focused on both making Senior citizens feel loved during the holidays as well as children in hospitals. I went to senior citizen homes and made friendship bracelets with lots of the residents and then donated these bracelets to children at Scottish Rite Hospital. We also wrote get well soon cards so that the children would know someone was thinking of them during the holidays as well as throughout COVID. The most meaningful part of the project for me was seeing the faces of the senior citizens light up every time they saw me coming. They were so excited to try something new and talk about their lives that it made every early morning and long preparation day worth it. The staff at the retirement home told me every time how much the residents looked forward to my arrival and this project has become one of the most meaningful things I have ever done." 

Brayden Girata ’24 

Troop: 577
Date Completed: 2020
Project Benefit: Jubilee Park and Community Center
From the Scout: "Every summer, Jubilee hosts an art-themed summer camp for the kids in its neighborhood, and they would have at least 75 kids sign up every summer. They would borrow drying racks for the art the kids produced from my church, Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church. The point of my project was to provide Jubilee with permanent art drying racks for the children's art summer camps so they wouldn't have to borrow the ones from my church any longer. I had a fun time building and staining the art racks with my family and friends, and watching the kids use the art racks I built was very impactful for me. I am so glad I did my eagle project with Jubilee Park and Community Center, and I hope they continue to grow in their ministry to improve their neighborhood as much as possible."

Will Grogan '24 

Troop: 577
Date Completed: 2020
Project Benefit: The George Bush Presidential Learning Center
From the Scout: "This project was very meaningful to me because of the conservation aspect that it entailed. Restoring the native prairie helps preserve the history of our great state and the animals that depend on that prairie. I proposed to remove invasive species of plants from a large area around the building and then seed the area with wildflower seeds. I would then place "plant plugs" into the ground where the invasive species were. This project took around 4 months to plan fully and required a hearty crew to get the job done on project day. I had around 10 scouts and 5 adults helping me reach my goal. The project was completed on March 7th of 2020. In mid-April, the wildflowers were in full bloom and the invasive species were nowhere to be found. This project was a gratifying experience that all aspiring Eagle Scouts should look forward to."

Henry Hamlin ’23 

Troop: 577
Date Completed: 2021
Project Benefit: United to Learn
From the Scout: "I built four tutoring tables for three different inter-city elementary schools. It was an amazing experience to see the reactions of the principals of each school as they received the tables. You could tell that the tables would be put to good use."

Slaton Strey '24 

Troop: 577
Date Completed: 2020
Project Benefit: St. Philip’s School and Community Center
From the Scout: "Completing this project gave me a great sense of accomplishment. It was the last step in finalizing the Eagle process, and was a tangible representation of the work I had put toward the rank."

Sam Suarez ’22

Troop: 125
Date Completed: 2021
Project Benefit: Wesley-Rankin Community Center
From the Scout: "I built hand sanitizers for Wesley-Rankin during the peak of COVID."

Miles Wooldridge ’24

Troop: 577
Date Completed: 2021
Project Benefit: Church of the Incarnation


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