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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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Teacher Tuesday: Laura Ripley
Laura Ripley, Upper School English Teacher

Laura Ripley, Upper School English Teacher

What motivated and inspired you to teach? 

I was the little girl who got chalkboards and grade books for Christmas and played school with my stuffed animals; I think it was in me from the start!! In high school, I tutored my friends... my love for teaching has grown throughout my life, I guess!

Why are you excited to come to ESD every day? 

I absolutely love the students; they are so great. It’s fun to teach in this environment! I also love the people I’ve met on the staff; it’s great to be welcomed as part of the community.

Beyond your subject-area or discipline, what life lesson do you want your students to learn in your classroom? 

That life and literature are paraphrase Fitzgerald, literature reminds us that we are not alone, that others have encountered many of our obstacles, and we can learn life lessons by connecting with literature.

Tell us a fun or interesting fact about yourself! 

I play French horn, and I love college football and basketball. I’m an avid Villanova Wildcat fan (woohoo!) And I love the Razorbacks and Clemson Tigers football!

What is your favorite book and why? 

Wuthering Heights! Hands down, it’s my favorite. I love Heathcliff and Cathy’s story; they are both such complex, beautiful/terrible characters. And it’s such a love story!

If you could have dinner with three people, alive or not, who would they be and why? 

Jesus - I just want to talk to him. There’s so much to talk about! My Aunt Jackie - she died when I was 16, and I miss her still. I want to see what she thinks about my life and my kids. Emily Bronte - we could chat about Heathcliff. My photo submitted is of my kids and I on the moors of Yorkshire - the setting of Wuthering Heights!