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Students Celebrate National Chemistry Week with a Mole Beauty Pageant

In honor of National Mole Day, which is observed on the 23rd of October between 6:02 a.m. and 6:02 p.m. in honor of Avogadro’s number (6.02×10²³), chemistry students held their own Mole Beauty Pageant!

Not to be confused with its furry friend of the same name, Mole is the basic measurement unit in Chemistry which is basically the mass of one molecule of any compound or an element. Avogadro’s number, the inspiration for the “holiday,” defines the number of atoms in one mole. The celebration of National Mole Day was started to spark an interest in the subject of Chemistry and to honor the invention of the Avogadro number.

"I like to provide students with fun and different ways to engage with chemistry," said Upper School Chemistry teacher Walt Warner. "National Chemistry Week and National Mole Day allow us to do that. The mole beauty pageant includes some academic requirements (a short essay on students’ favorite element) and an opportunity to be creative in an arts and craft arena."

Students were given the optional assignment to submit their moles, made out of fabric, clay, ceramic, or paper. The judging was done based on creativity, craftsmanship, consistency of theme, and a short essay on their mole's favorite element. Prizes were then awarded for best-in-show, second and third place, most creative, and best craftsmanship. "Each mole has a favorite element in the periodic table," said junior Addison Page. "This year, I researched the element Germanium."

"This pageant is a fun opportunity to celebrate my love for science and help make chemistry fun for more people," said junior Cara Lichty. "It is always fun to be creative, making chemistry and mole puns and cute ideas for what my mole could be. I chose to participate because it's a fun activity that I look forward to. It is always fun to see what everyone comes up with."

Special thanks to Mr. Warner for this fun learning activity and a shoutout to the students’ impressive creativity!

Learn more about National Mole Day here.