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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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Spring Coach Spotlight: Jason Marshall
Evan Hadrick

During this down time in athletics at ESD, we want to highlight all the programs (and their directors) whose seasons have been paused. There have been plenty of quality accomplishments by our athletes already this spring, so we're checking in with each of our spring sport program directors to give us some insight on their seasons, while also sharing some of their favorite athletic memories. Next up we have our Boys Tennis Program Director Jason Marshall, who is in his first season at ESD.

Provide some highlights of your season so far: 

My favorite moment was taking the team to Waco for the UTR Tournament. We had some great matches and one in particular was a lot of fun. We ended up beating Waco Midway who was the host school in tournament. We won a clinching match with Rider Yeaman being the last one on the court. When Rider won the match, the entire team came running out to hug and congratulate him! We got the match point up on Twitter and a great moment to share with the team.

What is your favorite coaching memory?

I would have to say the same thing (UTR Tournament). We really didn't have enough opportunities to have but a few coaching/athletic memories but this one was most special!

What do you love about coaching at ESD?

I love the people. From the minute I was first hired and introduced to so many people, I felt it was a very special place. They value tennis very much as such an important sport with having high expectations.  I really love being challenged and saw that ESD is constantly looking for programs to excel and improve.

What is one thing you would recommend all athletes in your sport do during this off-time?

The most important thing is to take away some time and read more! Knowledge is power. While your experience of being an athlete might have been taken away, the fact that you keep learning and developing a growth mindset to come back stronger after this time will give you a better direction. Mental Toughness and Sport Psychology books are a great way to understand yourself better in how you handle situations that you are faced with. 

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