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Spring Coach Spotlight: Evan Hadrick
Evan Hadrick

During this down time in athletics at ESD, we want to highlight all the programs (and their directors) whose seasons have been paused. There have been plenty of quality accomplishments by our athletes already this spring, so we're checking in with each of our spring sport program directors to give us some insight on their seasons, while also sharing some of their favorite athletic memories. Next up we have our Track & Field Program Director Evan Hadrick, who is in his third season at ESD.

Provide some highlights of your season so far: 

This season was exciting because of the growth in our program. We have plenty of new faces who are motivated and working hard. It was showing in our meet performances, as most of the team was running faster and jumping/throwing further. We already had 6 athletes qualify for the SPC championships in individual events (Victoria Schmidt '22, Sydney Knodel '22, Brodie Burke '20, Garrett Seymour '20, Andris Ortiz '23, and Taylor Elliott '22), and a few more that are close. More importantly, everyone is committed and enjoying their time with each other.

What is your favorite athletic memory? 

My last meet in high school. I accomplished so much that day, but the best part was experiencing it with my coaches and teammates. We had invested so much time and effort together, all the difficult workouts, all the long bus rides, all the hotels, and all the races made it so special. It was the PIAA (Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association) State Championships, and I left with 3 medals (400, 4x400, 4x800), but our team finished 3rd overall, and our 4x800 relay was named All-America after we ran the 2nd-fastest time in the country. My love for the sport was forever cemented that day as it taught me valuable lessons about myself as well as lessons about working with other people.

What is your favorite coaching memory?

Just as a teacher lives for those "a-ha moments" when teaching english, math or science, what keeps me going as a coach are those moments on the track with my athletes. It could be when an athlete figures out that technique you been trying to get them to understand for weeks, or when they finally develop that self-confidence to perform in a championship scenario. I've had those moments each season in my career, including my 3 years at ESD.

What do you love about coaching at ESD?

I value the mission of the school, and how it guides our students to be exceptional in the classroom, on the track and in life. ESD's students all have the ability to be great.

What is one thing you would recommend all athletes in your sport do during this off-time?

Develop some kind of routine to keep working on your speed, endurance or technique. One of the main lessons track & field has taught me is that consistency yields greatness. If your actions stay aligned with your goals, then you're in a position for success. Lastly, continue to stay connected with your peers that can help you stay consistent. It's easier to work towards a goal when you have other people in your corner or working alongside you.

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