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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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Spring Coach Spotlight: Albert Najera
Evan Hadrick

During this down time in athletics at ESD, we want to highlight all the programs (and their directors) whose seasons have been paused. There have been plenty of quality accomplishments by our athletes already this spring, so we're checking in with each of our spring sport program directors to give us some insight on their seasons, while also sharing some of their favorite athletic memories. Next up we have our Baseball Program Director Albert Najera, who is in his fourth season at ESD.

Provide some highlights of your season so far: 

We have had some Freshman and Sophomores step up and help Varsity, and we also got 3rd place in the Hillcrest Tournament.

What is your favorite athletic memory? 

Playing the great game of baseball and being with my teammates.

What is your favorite coaching memory?

Seeing my teams progress and earn Scholarships.

What do you love about coaching at ESD?

I love working with the kids to help them get better and seeing them progress from one year to the next.

What is one thing you would recommend all athletes in your sport do during this off-time?

Reflect on life and be thankful for what we have, take this time to appreciate faith, family and friendship.

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