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September Sky Watch Report with Mr. Lutken
Peter K. Lutken

Happy Labor Day! Forty-seven 100-degree days and maybe more to come!? It has been a summer for the record books, reminding me of the hot, dry 1950s! There was very little AC in those days.  At Preston Hollow Elementary, we would fight to sit close to a fan after recess!! At least the nights are getting longer. By the Equinox, on the 23rd, we'll be cooler in the mornings!

*Solar Eclipse Alert* 
Two solar eclipses in Dallas this school year!! The first will be a partial eclipse on October 14th. The second will be a total eclipse on April 8th! Hope the clouds stay away!! More details later.

Evening skies:  
The Summer Triangle is high up right after sunset. Sagittarius and Scorpio are farther down the Milky Way to the south. Fall stars begin rising around midnight!

Full Moon:
September's Harvest Moon is on the 29th.

Morning Skies: 
Jupiter is easy to spot, high overhead. Fall stars, the Pleiades, Taurus, and Orion, follow. Venus is below them in the east, but will get higher and brighter in the next few weeks!

At the Quarry and around town: 
Summer Swifts and Swallows are still here, but signs of fall are coming! Early flights of Teal will arrive soon!  As the days go by, many other kinds of ducks will use the quarry as a stop as they head south.  Photo is of a Mallard surveying his realm!  

Get outside when you can and watch as things start to change! PKL