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Primer Friends Celebrate Fall with SAGE’s Apple Pie

As fall approaches, our lower school friends are learning about the season and reading special fall-themed books. One of Primer’s favorite things about fall - and their favorite fruit - is apples, so Primer teacher Mrs. Campbell led a study of all things apple! They even read several apple stories, including “Amelia Bedelia’s Apple Pie.” On the last page of the book, there is a recipe for the pie Amelia Bedelia makes in the story. Because homemade foods aren’t allowed due to COVID restrictions, Kindergarten Instructional Assistant Patt Pederson reached out to SAGE to see if they could help. 

As usual, our SAGE staff didn’t disappoint! “We went onto our SAGE recipe database and found a recipe that mimicked the Amelia Bedelia recipe,” said Rebecca Compton, Senior Food Service Director. “Whenever there is an opportunity for SAGE and ESD to join forces for the community or the students we are happy to be there.”

Chef Adam not only made the recipe but added a heart and an “A” to give the pie a little Amelia Bedelia flair. Primer friends were so excited and enjoyed every bite - there wasn’t a single slice left! “One did say, after her third helping, that this was the most delicious way she’s ever eaten apples in her life,” said Mrs. Campbell. “We can't thank Adam and SAGE enough; what a special memory.”

We are so thankful for not only our wonderful SAGE friends but also the opportunity to share together on campus. Thank you, Chef Adam, and thank you Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Pederson for this wonderful treat!