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November Sky Watch Report with Mr. Lutken
Peter K. Lutken

Sky Watch November: Made it to Halloween again in spite of everything!! It's a "cross-quarter day," the halfway point from the Equinox in September to the Solstice in December, and the leaves are beginning to turn!

Evening skies/Great Planets:  Jupiter and Saturn rise in the evening. The Winter stars begin to rise around nine, and the constellation Cassiopeia (which looks like a W) is right overhead this time of year.

The Full Moon is on the 8th. There will be a Lunar Eclipse that morning, as the moon sets in the west around 5 am! 

Morning skies:   Mars is high and bright in the southwest near Taurus and Orion!! The Big Dipper and Leo are rising to the north and east.

Quarry/Outdoors: Monarchs are still fluttering through, but they'll head south soon. This month the trees will replace their orange with fall colors of their own! 

Migrating ducks and hawks are coming through. This is a great time to keep an eye out for tiny Screech Owls sleeping in dark spots during the day (see photo!). They hunt at night, and their ghostly wavering call is perfect for Halloween!! 

There's something wonderful just about every day. Head outdoors and look around!