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A Coeducational, College Preparatory School for Ages 3 Through Grade 12

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Middle School Servant-Leaders Commissioned in Special Chapel Service and Blessing

Middle school student council officers and class representatives were commissioned into their student leadership roles for the first time. During the inaugural middle school chapel service, blessing, and pinning ceremony on November 17, 2022, ESD established a new tradition to recognize servant leadership at the fifth through eighth-grade levels.

Father Nate Bostain gave a special blessing over the pins before they were presented to council members. Students then pledged to lead and serve, with gods help, and recited the student council pledge. 

Caroline Moses, the middle school student council advisor, spoke on behalf of the council, saying, “In their first student council meeting, middle schoolers were asked what they thought was the purpose of having a student council and what their roles would be. What struck me about their responses was they were all centered on their peers.”

They agreed their role as student council servant-leaders was to:

  • Plan and promote middle school community events

  • Be a voice for grades 5-8

  • Bring the middle school community together

  • Lead by example

  • Promote good citizenship

  • Be kind and honest

  • Uphold ESD’s Code of Conduct

The role of the officers is to represent and facilitate these ideas, as well as organize the small details needed to fulfill them. The class representatives are essential to our student leaders as they advocate for their classmates and take on tasks big and small to ensure they are fulfilling their responsibilities.

The student responses perfectly mirrored the stated role of the middle school student council in the ESD handbook:

The student council serves as a forum for student opinions and suggestions, working with the faculty, administration, and student body to enhance daily school life. The council seeks to build school spirit and contribute to the community with service projects. 

Taking on additional responsibilities while balancing academics and extracurriculars can be challenging, but it’s work done in the spirit of service. Our student council members are up for the task. They have pledged to their peers to commit themselves to this great work. 

In the past three months, Middle School Student Council members have already been hard at work facilitating MS Homecoming Spirit Week, hosting a week-long bake sale that raised $2,500 for charity, and organizing and facilitating a middle school student vs. faculty dodgeball tournament. Well done, student council members!